Chiropractic Care: Striking a Balance With Other Physical Therapies

chiropractic care Chiropractic care is a holistic health and wellness practice that focuses to relieve pain and help restore your normal body function through spinal adjustment or manipulation. There are countless reasons to seek for chiropractic care like poor organ function, blood pressure, lung capacity, headaches.

In this article, you will learn more about the importance of combining spine muscle strengthening exercises and physical therapies and treatments with chiropractic care so that your spine can be rehabilitated and you regain optimal mobility as soon as possible. Chiropractors believe that they help the body heal itself.

The Importance of Strength With Chiropractic

Chiropractic care works like magic to relieve spine related pains and is very effective when coupled with exercises that strengthen the muscles surrounding the spinal cord as well as other physical therapies. For instance, core and back exercises tailored according to your level of pain and condition can be the best supplement to chiropractic adjustments.

As supported by a Bloomington chiropractor IL, core exercises will enable your abdominal muscles support your back muscles so that they are not overloaded when supporting your upper body. The exercises are combined with regular stretching and physical therapies like low impact aerobics for the best results. When exercising, ensure that you master the right posture and techniques to avoid more injuries.

The Pettibon System

pettibon system chiropractorThe Pettibon System is a science-supported approach to chiropractic care that is highly recommended by most doctors. The Pettibon System is designed to realign or manipulate your spine so that it gets an upright posture for optimal function. It focuses on the nervous system integrity restoration and involves highly-targeted adjustments from a Pettibon System chiropractor, as well as spine correction and posture exercises that can help cultivate strength and balance in the surrounding muscles of the spine (perhaps the most important yet overlooked component to chiropractic care.)

When performing these exercises, there are special weights that have been designed to be worn on the head, hips and shoulders for approximately 20 minutes every day to correct your spine displacement and give you optimal mobility. These exercises will help minimize pain over time, making the muscles surrounding the spine strengthened and conditioned. The Pettibon System has received thousands of rave reviews from satisfied users and will without doubt help you regain your life.

Effective Complements to Chiropractic Care

Apart from the chiropractic care and the back strengthening exercises mentioned above, there are many other unique modalities that are employed today for long term spinal correction and regaining optimal mobility. They include:

Hot/Cold Therapy

Heat therapy works by causing relaxation and comfort on the muscles surrounding the spine. Cold therapy works by causing the injured area to become numb and minimize pain transmission. The combination can be a highly effective supplement to chiropractic care around the spine.


Ultrasound can help in the correct diagnosis and coupled with other treatments is very effective. It should be employed in the late stages of the injury.


Electrotherapy involves the passing of electrical current to catalyze the relief of nerve ending pain. It is recommended in the early stages of spinal injury. Some chiropractors apply this therapy for their patients.


Iontophoresis is the use of electrical potential to facilitate the transfer of ions into the soft tissues and specific site of injury. Although not very common, Iontophoresis therapy can be highly-effective when using in conjunction with chiropractic care.

Pool Physical Therapy

A number of physical therapy exercises can be done in a pool to relieve pain originating from spine injuries caused by muscular strains. This low-impact atmosphere is a great way to strengthen and cultivate balance in muscles around the spine.

Light Massage

You can be massaged using ointments containing therapeutic agents that pass through the skin to relieve pain. Working on tight spots in the spine’s surrounding muscles can be a great complement to the work of professional chiropractor.

Braces & Taping

Braces, splints or taping are tailored to your specific needs to support injures muscles and joints. These therapies are often helpful for acute and traumatic injuries.

You never know when you will encounter an unfortunate event or pain originating from musculoskeletal structures that may leave your spine displaced, affect nerve impulse transmission and deny you optimal mobility. Chiropractic care, when combined with various other treatments, can be extremely effective for individuals that need help minimize pain and optimizing mobility.

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