Top 5 Spine Surgeons in New Jersey Worth Mentioning

top new jersey spine surgeonsNew Jersey is home to some of the top spine surgeons in the country. With debilitating spinal conditions on the rise, the demand for professional spine specialists and spinal surgeons is also increasing. So if you’re based near the eastern seaboard of the U.S., the following are the top spine surgeons in New Jersey.

Dr. James Dwyer (New Jersey Spine Institute)

Dr. James Dwyer is a fully board-certified; fellowship trained orthopedic surgeon who practices in Bedminster, NJ. His practice incorporates both surgical and conservative spine treatment methods. Such methods include outpatient discectomies/laminectomy, minimally invasive spine procedures, as well as a full complement of trauma and reconstructive surgeries for the lumbar spine and cervical spine.

Dr. James works closely with Dr. Paul P. Vessa at the New Jersey Spine Institute. The New Jersey spine center utilizes multi-disciplinary approaches to spinal disorders through the use of tactics such as comprehensive spinal surgeries, rehabilitation, pain management, as well as modern spinal diagnostics.

Dr. Gordon Donald (New Jersey Spine Group)

The New Jersey Spine Group is committed to helping spine patients regain their normal lives back. Dr. Gordon is a qualified medical director and the chief of spinal surgery at the group. Equipped with 25 years of private practice, he is renowned for his major accomplishment as an educator to other spine surgeons.

The spine surgeon in New Jersey is also known for his superior patient care. He has lectured and taught on the surgery internationally and throughout the country. He has been very instrumental in the development of minimally invasive spinal procedures. He is committed to the best patient care that guarantees efficient return to normal life activities.

Dr. Joshua Rovner (Progressive Spine & Orthopaedics in Englewood, NJ) new jersey spine surgery centers

Surgery-specific spinal conditions are often more than physical as they affect the state of the mind as well as social interactions. Efficient treatment should consider all factors for them to succeed. Dr. Joshua Rovner takes the time to determine the source of your pain, identify all the factors unique to your condition, and explains them to you. As the head New Jersey spine surgeon at Progressive Spine & Orthopaedics in Englewood, NJ Spine Surgeon Dr. Joshua Rovner educates his patients on all possibilities, including both surgical and non-surgical options.

Dr. Rovner empowers patients and helps them go through the treatment process with positivity. His goal is to help his patients regain their quality lives through combining quality care with integrity and compassion. Patients are seen by appointments without wait times.

Dr. Ari Ben-Yishay (Comprehensive Spine Care, Emerson, NJ)

Dr. Ari is also board certified and fellowship trained and boasts of a strong background in conservative, non-surgical approaches. He believes in exhausting all available options before opting for surgery.

When invasive approach is warranted, he has extensive training and experience in the minimally invasive procedures, conventional and other modern surgical techniques. He performs procedures such as work and sport related spine injuries, tumor surgery, scoliosis, cervical disc replacements, and revisions of failed spine surgeries.

Dr. Jonathan D. Lewin (Center for Spinal Disorders, Englewood, NJ)

Dr. Jonathan D. Lewin is a board certified and fellowship trained New Jersey spine surgeon with experiences of over ten years ranging from relatively conservative approaches to minimally invasive surgery. He is the head of the Center for Spinal Disorders.

Dr. Jonathan is among the few doctors in New Jersey and New York area who are experienced enough in undertaking endoscopic fusion surgery. He also specializes in the treatment of degenerative disc disease, scoliosis, spondylolisthesis, and other spinal disorders. He is also professionally affiliated to the Medical Society State of New Jersey, helping patients embrace spine surgery in the most mindful and graceful way possible.

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