Independent Production “Beyond Glory” Sees Film Festival Exposure

Starting in 2008, independent film production company 8180 Films, has created four feature films that have all gone on to win major awards. From 8180 Films’ post WWII drama Christina to its neo-noir suspense thriller The Girl on the Train, the independent film production company has continued its trend in producing compelling, award-winning films with its latest performance documentary, Beyond Glory starring Stephen Lang. Quickly emerging in the film festival community, Beyond Glory is seeing the screens in many premier festivals this year.

independently produced film beyond glory stephen lang


Beyond Glory the Filmfilm beyond glory

Based on journalist Larry Smith’s best selling war novel, Beyond Glory, is a creative synthesis of theatre and cinema. In crafting some very original in the film version of Beyond Glory, filmmaker Larry Brand joins actor Stephen Lang on a journey through the personal accounts and conflicts of WWII, Korea, and Vietnam.

Playing a multi-character role with virtuosity, Stephen Lang embodies eight warriors of these historic battles through their courageous stories. Each a Medal of Honor recipient, Lang tells each remarkable story with great emotion, accuracy, and fortitude. Investing equal skill in crafting the film Beyond Glory, director Larry Brand exercises a wide cinematic arsenal of talent to illuminate each story. The outcome is an edge-of-your-seat marriage of two art forms – cinema and theatre.

About Stephen Lang

beyond glory stephen langIn Beyond Glory the film, Stephen Lang reunites with director of 8180 Films, Larry Brand to capture his memorable portrayal of eight Medal of Honor soldiers whose stories are brought to life in Lang’s popular play of Beyond Glory.

For many years, Stephen Lang has been recognized as one of the world’s most respected actors. Featuring in Broadway performances and IMAX screens alike, Lang has created roles that have defined the success of many films, including Avatar’s Col. Quaritch and Death of a Salesman’s Happy.

Independent Film Production Company: 8180 Films

Beyond Glory and the other feature productions from 8180 Films were directed by award-winning writer/director/editor Larry Brand, along with founding partners and award-winning producers Jim Carpenter and Rebecca Reynolds. Since the start of the independent film production company, the goal behind 8180 Films has been a pursuit to produce exceptional-quality, cost-effective indie films.

8180 independent film production company8180 Films’ features have seen the screens at the Oaxaca Film Festival, the Mumbai International Film Festival, and in various film festivals across the U.S., including Traverse City Film Festival, Sedona International Film Festival, New York City’s VisionFest, Chelsea Film Festival, Napa Valley Film Festival, and Newport Beach Film Festival. The films produced by 8180 Films have won awards in every major category, including Best Screenplay, Best Documentary, Best Drama, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Actress.

For each feature, the independent film production company has been able to recruit well-known and highly-acclaimed talented actors and comedians, such as Gary Sinise, Henry Ian Cusick, Stephen Lang, Moshe Kasher, John Fugelsang, Jordan Belfi, David Marguiles, and Nicki Aycox.

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