Grain Cart Scale Systems for More Efficient Harvest Weighing

grain cart scalesOn today’s modern farms, the best equipment is needed to make operations run as efficiently as possible. When harvesting grain, one of the highest ROI forms of equipment are grain cart scales.

Available in many models, grain carts make harvesting much easier and efficient. Grain cart scales, on the other hand, can progress that level of efficiency to the next-level, especially during harvest season.

Features of Modern Grain Cart Scale Systems

Offering farmers the ability to weigh large amounts of grain in a faster and more efficient manner, today’s grain cart scales come with a variety of features that add up to making the job easier than ever. Most have a dual-auger, low-profile design that allows a farmer the ability to have a much better view of the cart as it is unloading its haul.

Because line-of-sight visibility is crucial when using grain cart scale, newer models have been designed with this in mind. With discharge spouts that can move up to 10 degrees up or down, grain carts can now be very easy to position when preparing to discharge a load.

When farmers move their tractors into position to discharge a load of grain, they can do so with a grain spout that is bigger, longer and easier to the position than ever before. The spouts made with a new and improved vertical auger that allows for better cornering, offer greater speed and grain-moving capacity than previous augers.

Options for Grain Cart Scalesgrain cart scale

Some options can be added to grain cart scales to make them easier to operate as well as more efficient. One of the common popular and useful items is the electronic scale, which allows farmers to know exactly how much grain they have in their carts.They have efficient weighing systems that allow them to weigh the load and at the same time have the ability of load management of grain harvests. What makes the scales even better is the ability to upload the results to a computer, allowing for greater efficiency.

Results can be uploaded while harvesting continues, allowing statistics to be compiled in an office while work continues in the field. Another feature popular with farmers is the roll tarp that can be used to protect the grain from getting wet. Available in a manual or electric model, the tarps can allow farmers to harvest even on days when the forecast calls for rain. Most farmers prefer the electric roll tarp, which can be controlled with the push of a button.

Greater Tracking & Monitoring of Grain Production

The dual-camera mounting system, another feature most farmers add to their grain cart scales, allows them to have a better view of the cart’s position as they prepare to unload the grain. The camera can be moved so it will provide a view of the cart itself, the position of the grain spout and if any people or animals are in the way of the grain cart or the spout. By taking advantage of these features, grain carts are safer than ever.

grain cart scale agweighThe speed of unloading is among the most crucial things which are needed to be kept in mind when shopping for grain cart scales. This will make getting back to the collecting and combine more grain quicker. Having the right auger on the grain cart scale can also make a difference.

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