3 Most Proficient Providers of Surgery Billing Services

When it comes to outsourcing surgery billing services, many medical billing companies claim to have expertise in all aspects of patient billing – surgery, OB/GYN, pediatrics, FQHCs, etc. However, the quality-spectrum of specialized billing practice is vast. In short, if you’re a surgeon (or you help operate a surgery center or professional practice,) then it’s smart to stick with medical billers who are experienced experts in the art of surgery billing.

To help shed light on such medical billing companies, below we have pinpointed and profiled three of the most proficient providers of surgery billing services.

1. Practice Management best surgery billing services

Practice Management is one of the most successful and well-known providers of surgery billing. The firm aims at providing the best surgeon billing services leveraging a wide range of resources and skillsets. Client satisfaction is the primary goal of this service medical billing company, and it shows having been providing surgery medical billing services for many years.

Practice Management started in 1995, since then the company has succeeded to deliver reliable solutions for the billing needs of various surgeons and physicians in their practices. The company makes sure that the bills are claimed with highest returns in a timely way.

This reputable surgery billing service company has various services to offer. It provides a comprehensive medical billing and coding that will reduce the burden of billing needs to a great extent. The surgeons will find enough time to spend on their patients rather than working on the billing details. This will give an opportunity for the surgeons to concentrate more on their practices, thereby, progressing well in their professional.

Practice Management has a legitimate billing service fee calculation for its clients and takes three main factors for the calculations. They are the medical specialty, payer mix, and practic’s volume. All the calculations are transparent and the clients can always contact the service provider for any concerns.

2. 5 Star Billing Services

The services from 5 Star Billing Services are more professional and organized compared to most other providers of surgery billing services. The company works with various medical specialists and surgeons across the nation. The expertise team from this surgery billing service company works with their clients to enable surgeons to maximize revenue streams while minimizing overhead expenses and wasted time. surgery billing service

5 Star Billing Services provides both the complete billing solutions as well as the intermediate billing needs, thereby, making their services flexible. The company has maintained its quality of services for many years by working in coordination with its surgeon clients. With the changing requirements of billing needs, the services are continuously updated to suit today’s scenario of the clients.

By using the billing services from 5 Star billing services, surgeon clients can avoid the hurdles of billing preparations. The medical billing consulting services offer various features like temporary staffing, practice analysis, physician credentialing, etc. The company provides the medical coding that will help in the maximization of claim reimbursement.

5 Star Billing Services allocates the right medical codes based on the client’s records and practice. By doing so, this service provider makes sure that the clients obtain maximum reimbursement which they deserve. This billing service company also provides various security aspects to ensure that the information of the clients is secured.

3. Mederi Services

Mederi Services provide services that are customized and developed according to the needs of the clients. This is favorable for the surgeon clients because they need not have to pay for the redundant services. This means the service fees will be largely saved for the clients by using this surgery billing service provider. The primary goal of Mederi Services is to increase the value of claims for the clients without compensating on services and patient support.

Mederi Services provides the highest claim returns for their clients through their unique medical billing services. The claims are professionally prepared with accurate medical codes. The company uses a “proprietary appeals” software that will be used for a faster and accurate processing of the client’s appeal. The follow-up of all the claims is persistently done here. The concerns related to any billings are addressed without any delay.

The company also provides patient statements to its clients through the mail by analyzing the patient information. The service fees levied on the clients depend on the claim amount collected and it is generally 5% to 10% of the total amount.

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