3 Ways to Convert Media Into Optimized Digital Assets

Today we operate in interesting times when almost all forms of media and communication are digital. From finding resources and information via search engines to establishing meaningful connections through social media, much of what we do is executed online.

In the commercial context, both small businesses and large brands stand to gain from integrated content strategies as part of their core digital marketing and advertising programs. There’s no question that soft-selling, value-packed content marketing is one of the most effective ways to advertise. For some successful companies, it’s the only thing they do to grow their business.

The challenge for most companies is consistently creating content that resonates with their target audience. Coming up with compelling ideas, conceptualizing the medium, articulating the delivery, and developing the actual content is often a resource-intensive effort. However, sometimes there’s great media and content right under our fingertips. In other words, sometimes the best content we can create has already had a head start in its development.

For the organizations that have been in business for several years, putting forth some degree of proactive marketing and advertising effort, there’s often times a lot of media and content on hand that can prove to be both valuable and repurposable for fresh content marketing strategies (even if it’s not digital). From video footage used for TV commercials, tangible brochureware used for tradeshows, and audio recordings that may inspire a podcast series, there are numerous ways in which tangible media can be converted into optimized digital assets.

I use the term “optimized” in sense that almost any form of digital content can be addressed for greater search potential or SEO-value. It’s the core guiding principle of the company I work for: helping businesses and brands take a search-first approach to their marketing and advertising efforts, both online and off. So without further ado, below I underscore three ways in which companies can make use of the media they have on hand to actualize meaningful online content strategies that help expand their reach and grow their business.

Convert Resourceful Visual Content Into YouTube Videos

Many businesses have invested in some sort of video production, whether for the use of television commercials, recruiting, product and service overviews, etc. In the case of video content that offers some degree of value, engagement, or both (even if it’s just 20 seconds of a longer video file), this type of media can be repurposed for something new and digital (i.e. an engaging YouTube video.)

This concept, as well as the rest of ideas presented in this post, require a strong creative muscle, as the possibilities may be limitless depending on what you’re working with. As such, there may be many different purposes and outcomes for the project at hand. To provide context and shed light on some of the possibilities this concept, here are few examples:

  • Convert TV commercial footage into a digital video that can be edited to promote specific products or services of the company. YouTube videos can be optimized for keywords, enabling them to rank in Google search. So if the video can focus on a primary product or service category that has merit for SEO, there may massive potential for online advertising.
  • Case studies, reviews, and customer testimonials can provide meaningful web-based video content. These types of videos can be embedded on related pages of the business’s website (i.e. a testimonial for a specific service the company offers or a customer review of a particular product). When converting this type of video content to YouTube, it can also have SEO potential, as many users are often searching for “(product/service) reviews” and related keywords on Google.  
  • Dated promotional footage or recruiting videos may have served their purpose ten or twenty years ago, but may be humorous to watch today. Not that your audience shouldn’t take your business seriously, but there’s no question that memes and funny videos are “in.” A humorous twist on outdated video content may be an effective way to build brand awareness, or display how far the company has come since the old days.

The application of this concept in digitizing old video footage to YouTube videos and other web-based applications will depend on the type of content you have on hand, and what new forms it can take. Again, exercising your creativity will be paramount in bringing it life in meaningful ways.

For example, this very low budget YouTube video was created from just photos. It probably took a few hours to create and it’s obvious that publisher has put forth some basic SEO techniques by including specific keywords in the YouTube title as well as the video content itself.

optimized review video

In turn, this content in the organic search results for related keywords used in the YouTube video. Despite the actual video being relatively poor in quality, it still serves its purpose by increases the brand’s visibility and ability to earn new customers. And because of the social signals and links stemming from this content, such efforts are also helping increase the trust, authority, and credibility of this junk car company’s website.

optimized assets

Businesses that need help converting old video content to digital can often utilize professional media conversion services offered by specialized companies. We recommend seeking out local providers over big online brands to aid in this effort. A good example is Current Pixel, a small specialized video transfer and film editing company based in Atlanta who helps both businesses and individual consumers with their projects. They specialize in transferring VHS to DVD service, among many other video and film conversion solutions.

Turn Tangible, Text-based Content Into Optimized PDFs

Similar to the previous concept but often less intensive is turning tangible documents, like promotional content or educational pieces, and converting them to digital. There can be substantial advertising and marketing potential in this effort, as digital content like PDFs can have significant SEO value.

For example, Huntsman Corporation has created an in-depth PDF titled “A guide to thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU)”. In turn, this PDF guide ranks just below the Huntsman website for a highly-competitive keyword “thermoplastic polyurethane manufacturing.”

optimized content

This is just one of countless examples of how tangible, text-based content can be scanned and converted into an effective digital medium. And when properly optimized for specific keywords, this type of content help generate meaningful traffic, increase new customer leads, and help grow the business.

Translate Popular Articles & Blog Content into Videos

One of the most profoundly effective content strategies a brand can take is creating multiple versions of its content. This is common for niche brands that have deep advertising budgets. For instance, a power company that has a dedicated business model in renewable energy credits might create articles, videos, and infographics all centered around its “renewable energy credits.”

But for businesses and brands that don’t have a lot of money and resources to invest in such comprehensive content strategies, prioritization is key. If Google Analytics data is accessible, take a look at some articles or blog post generating the most meaningful traffic (as well as some of the keywords associated with those posts) and explore ways to expand upon these topics through other mediums, namely video content.

vegan protein powder review

Take for instance this Amazon affiliate-fueled review site that produces content on specific plant-based protein powders. For the product review posts that have generated the greatest buzz and search engine rankings, they have created highly-optimized YouTube video reviews to supplement the site’s traffic generating efforts. In the example above, they are featuring the site’s Vega Clean protein review.

In turn, these videos are getting a decent amount a views right out of the gate. But what’s more is these videos serve as rankable assets in themselves, similar to the cash for junk cars video in the first concept presented in this post. Additionally, a relevant video embedded in this blog post will only increase the page’s level of engagement. Improvements in user metrics like average time on site, pages visited, etc. are ranking factors that further help support this site’s SEO efforts.

The key takeaway is that there’s limitless potential to create impactful content. And in some cases, purposeful topics and great strategies can actualized more efficiently by converting existing media and ideas into optimizable digital assets.

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Top 5 SEO Companies for Ecommerce Sites [in Review]

top ecommerce seo companiesProficient ecommerce SEO companies are known to help improve an online retailer’s visibility on the Internet. In essence, quality SEO services for ecommerce sites apply systems and processes that seek to ensure that the given ecommerce website will come up at the top of the search results for related keywords.

By using a strategic planning, analysis, resources, and having a skilled team behind each company, ecommerce SEO service providers help in gaining maximum exposure for optimal revenue generating potential. These ecommerce site SEO companies understand the importance of engaging content and how it affects traffic, links, and sales. Below we profile five of the top-rated ecommerce SEO companies that are well-known for their efficacy in the art of SEO for ecommerce sites.

1. Click Centric SEO

Click Centric SEO started in 2012 and has now become one of the most successful SEO companies in the ecommerce business. The SEO specialists of the company always incorporate best practices to meet Google’s strict search engine guidelines, they leverage many different channels ranging from social media and content marketing to link building and technical SEO.

As one of the most reputable ecommerce SEO companies, Click Centric SEO understands that one of the most important parts of a successful website is its technical composition. They have amazing web developers who are experts in ensuring that the architecture is seamless and that their clients’ ecommerce sites are SEO-friendly. They offer their ecommerce SEO services for people who want to build their own website and those who want to improve on existing ones. They have the skills and resources which are essential to gain traffic for your business, including SEO copywriting and content marketing capabilities.

2. Foxtail Marketing

Foxtail Marketing was created by online marketing veterans. The company is popular for building quality and lasting marketing campaigns. The processes they use ensures that even if unexpected changes suddenly occur, the website will still remain productive.

The best thing about Foxtail Marketing is that they work within the system instead of finding a way to change it. As a result, a lot of people visit the website and revenues increase steadily. They are focused on using ROI in their campaigns. It’s a way for them to ensure that their methods are successfully working for the client’s benefit.

3. Bruce Clay Inc.

Perhaps the best ecommerce site SEO company for online retailers, Bruce Clay provides comprehensive SEO services and web design solutions. They also use the advertising management called Pay-Per-Click (PPC). They are well known for creating the award winning SEO Tool Set. It is a highly acclaimed SEO training course.

The company behind Bruce Clay started in 1996 and have grown to be one of the top SEO companies in the industry. They are the authors of SEO All-In-One for Dummies which is a comprehensive 746 page book, now in its third edition. They are front runners in the industry as they provide SEO training and certification programs to promote principled practices.

4. Customer Magnetism

Customer Magnetism is a digital and social marketing SEO company. They have started as a small company which was founded in 2000. Today, they are a world-renowned digital marketing agency. Their goal is to help their clients have highly useful content which will attract more customers.

Customer Magnetism strives to help Ecommerce businesses become successful with their help. Customer Magnetism is composed of a team of experts who are fully dedicated in monitoring and managing ROI. They help businesses in using successful marketing strategies.

5. Webimax

The mission behind Webimax revolves around its core principle to help their clients grow their businesses. Instead of being just an outsourced vendor, they consider themselves a strategic partner of their clients. Since the company started in 2008, they have learned and mastered the pros and cons of the SEO industry.

The staff behind Webimax is consistently being educated about internal and external factors which highly affects the success of their client’s business. Webimax is composed of 100 dedicated employees who are Internet marketing professionals. They are well known for using a targeted and comprehensive link building campaign.

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5 Premier Plastic Surgery SEO Companies in Review

It’s a tough marketplace out there for plastic surgeons, and if you want to grow your plastic surgery practice, it has become a necessity to step up into the interwebs. Specialise plastic surgery SEO solutions are often the best investment to increase your new patient acquisitions. So if this interests your practice, listed below are five of the most reputable plastic surgery SEO companies to seek higher rankings in Google search.optimized plastic surgery seo

Surgery Bloom

This company believes that the internet should be the most reliable source for all kinds of high value clients. So they focus on that and work on upholding that vision. How they roll differently from other plastic surgeon SEO companies out there? They work only with plastic surgeons and only a few at a time.

Why? Surgery Bloom want to make sure they understand entirely the business inside and out. They don’t just jump the gun into a black hat tactics and over-optimize the site into some spammy looking machine that Google will eventually have to bring down. All this barely scratches the surface so you might wanna check them out to learn more of what they offer.

Optimized Surgeons

We’ve finally landed into something more unconventional. The Optimized Surgeons team does not put their eggs where most companies are invested. When it comes to SEO for plastic surgery practices, Optimized Surgeons looks more into avenues charted more by seekers and very few marketers. With that, they are able to focus more on generating high quality content, backlinks, social signals – thus building your domain authority and rankings. All this without putting your site at risk of over-optimized backlinks.

The significance? Google won’t think your site is manipulating its search algorithms. Simply put, they have their way around organic SEO, especially for local plastic surgery SEO. Competition, as many would testify, is squeezed into something that creates more business feasibility.

plastic surgeon seo companies

Optimized Surgeons employs the resources and know-how to get your practice ranking in the coveted Google 3-Pack

NKP Medical

NKP Medical is one of the leaders in online marketing and SEO for plastic surgeons as they would say. The company focuses more on building a website festooned with aesthetically appealing designs and interactive features that can be engaging to the visitor’s end. A clean site is a cornerstone to this company’s plastic surgeon SEO strategies.

What better way to lure someone than through their eyes, right? But the team is more than that; they are well-versed in the craft of search engine optimization too. By putting web design and SEO together, they have proven time and again that indeed they can draw forth interesting results, converting site visits into appointment bookings.

Growth Med

You can pretty much say that Growth Med is one of the top companies for plastic surgery SEO. Reputability comes to no question with Growth Med as the company has 20 years of tech expert Steven Fruchter who founded the SEO company.

Fast forward to the more important part, his plan revolves around three online marketing staples: website design, ad management and local SEO. Pretty conventional, nonetheless consequential with the right team of experts.

Youth Noise

Youth Noise prides itself with its capability to turn a customer’s mood around. The secret? They are housed with real people and I’m not saying that the previous companies I mentioned don’t. Where their edge lies is how they focus on establishing a direct connection with the customers as if they were their own rather than the practice they are trying to promote. In short, they take themselves as a partner more than anything else. One that will stay by your side.

Once again, this top five list of plastic surgeon SEO does not come in any order. Rest assured, these are the ultimate points of contact if you want to get your plastic surgery practice going and growing through the cyberspace.

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