An Inside Look at the 2016 NACHC CHI Expo in August

The National Association of Community Health Centers’ (NACHC) Community Health Institute (CHI) is one of the biggest and the most important yearly conferences for health centers and professionals in the general medical community. Taking place in Chicago on August 28-30th, the 2016 NACHC CHI expo will host over 2,000 community health center managers, clinicians, employees, practice management professionals, board members and leaders – bring all of these professionals together to collaborate and address key matters in today’s health and medical climate.nachc chi 2016

The 2016 NACHC CHI event is set to be one of the biggest so far, with topics ranking from FQHC billing reimbursements to meeting today’s digital demands in tele-medicine. There has been a large growth in health care centers which aim to meet the growing demands for primary care services. The inconceivable changes in the social insurance environment get under way by the Affordable Healthcare Act’s implementation. The ACT raises a wealth of new issues for Community Health Centers and their patients in every aspect ranging from operations, finance, business, marketing and event management. The NACHC CHI expo aims to unite the most informative people and give one. The apparatuses to stay strategically competitive in the new Health Insurance Marketplace.

NACHC CHI Topics of Discussion

It is a great opportunity for health centers to attend this meeting. The attendees will have the chance to learn be more informed and updated about various issues in the current medical climate. Some of these issues include:

  • Various funding opportunities
  • Outreach, marketing and enrollment opportunities
  • Negotiating and socializing with contracts with a pre-planned way and vendors
  • Workforce which includes veterans and succession planning
  • Clinical care group integration
  • PCMH recognition and accreditation
  • Tele-behavioral health
  • Trust, quality, compliance and sustainability

It is a great idea for health center practices and medical professionals to attend NACHC CHI expo because one gets to interact with lots of industry thought-leaders, discover and leverage new resources, and learn great insights on cutting-edge ideas.

Expo Events at the 2016 NACHC CHI Conference

This 2016 expo, the NACHC CHI conference will focus on the following events:

  • Hiring, growing and retaining a strong workforce
  • Realizing the full benefits of affordable care act
  • How to build a strong community with the social media
  • Helping to influence the future of health centers through strategic thinking
  • All information in detail related to FTCA
  • How to manage better quality with persistence at a lower cost and an amazing experience

All in all, attending the NACHC CHI expo in August is a great choice for any healthcare professional seeking to learn and grow in the industry.

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Kubota Tractor Packages: German Bliss for the Win

german bliss kubota tractor dealerGerman Bliss Equipment, Inc. is the leading dealer of tractors and earthmoving equipment within central Illinois. As the customer’s choice for over 76 years, German Bliss has expanded to offer Kubota tractor packages, not just for the local area of central IL, but to customers all throughout the Midwest. German Bliss offers custom Kubota tractor packages that include the most essential attachment and implements that are needed for the maintenance of a user’s property.

The Kubota tractor package deals that are offered by German Bliss are focused on versatility and value in order to afford consumers with an enhanced level of productivity in a budget conscious manner. Additionally, consumers are provided with information and access to Kubota’s low APR financing plans for optimal payments. Below we go into greater detail about Kubota tractor packages offered at German Bliss.

BX Series Kubota Tractor Packages kubota tractor package

German Bliss offers a total of two Kubota BX Series packages and they deliver you wide range of performance capabilities. This includes a 4-wheel drive Kubota BX2370-1 tractor with a 23 horsepower diesel engine, R4 Industrial Tires, a Hydrostatic Transmission, a Grill Guard and a genuine Kubota LA243A front end loader with pin on 48′ bucket as well as Land Pride BB1248 4 foot boxscraper with scarifiers. Additionally, the BX series tractor package provides consumers with a Land Pride 60′ Rear Blade, a 3,500-pound Liberty single axle 78’X12 foot trailer, and a 7-way RV plug.

B Series Kubota Tractor Packages

There are a total of four B Series packages that afford consumers with a 4 wheel Kubota B2301HSD tractor with a 23 horsepower diesel engine, as well as many of the features included with the BX Series. In addition to those features, consumers are provided with a 7,000-pound Liberty dual axle 18-foot trailer with a dove tail, electric brakes on either axles, DOT lighting and a duo of load straps.

L Series Kubota Tractor Packages

German Bliss provides consumers with a total of eight packages pertaining to the L Series. This series affords consumers with a tractor that are equipped with a 24.8 horsepower diesel engine as well as 8F/4R Gear Transmission and R1 tires. Additional features are standard for Kubota tractors.

MX-Series Kubota Tractor Packageskubota tractor packages

There are five packages that are included in the MX Series tractor packages. Alongside of standard Kubota features, consumers are provided with a 46.9 horsepower diesel engine as well as an 8FX8R partial synchro transmission and a 10,000 pound 20-foot Liberty dual axle trailer with a dovetail.

German Bliss for the Win

German Bliss is able to provide consumers all over the Midwest United States with the most budget-conscious and custom-tailored Kubota tractor packages. This is a company that has taken great care and consideration in order to ensure that the best possible options are afforded to consumer via Kubota packages. For those that need additional payment options, German Bliss is more than capable of providing any needing consumers with detailed information regarding Kubota’s financing options. kubota tractors

Also, with German Bliss locations in Springfield, Princeville and Peoria, there is a great deal of convenience afforded to consumers looking to invest in a Kubota tractor. With the stellar reputation of both Kubota and German Bliss, there is no better option for purchasing a tractor than taking advantage of a Kubota tractor package. Learn more at

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An Inside Look at the Newest Website Design Company in Peoria, IL

Facet Web Tech, the newest website design company in Peoria, IL, has set out to provide cutting-edge web development and software development services. to different types of businesses throughout Illinois. The new Peoria web design company is a branch of Facet Technologies, Inc. which is reputable tech company that has been in business for almost three decades.facet web tech peoria il

Facet Tech has been providing a variety of technology oriented solutions to organizations and businesses in this area where it has been able to successfully create a huge customer base. Over the years, this parent company of Facet Web Tech has grown to become one of the top IT companies in Illinois because of its consistency in providing superior IT support and consulting services to the different types of businesses. Now, Facet Tech has evolved into the world of website design and software development via its new Peoria-based brand, Facet Web Tech.

Facet Web Tech’s Peoria Web Design Services

Some of the qualities that make the new Facet Web Tech brand include its focus in providing professional, customized services, as well as its ability to provide responsive and SEO-friendly web design services to all kinds of clients. This is facilitated by the Peoria web design company having highly qualified technicians who have been well trained. The technicians deal with the different issues in a personalized manner.

As a result, every customer is provided with accurate and well fitting services without comparing the issues of one company with those of any other company. The importance of this is that each business, individual or organization has unique needs. Consequently, all the clients served by this new company are assured of getting technologically oriented solutions that meets their specific needs.

Supported by a Reputation in Technology Expertise

The fact that Facet Tech has been able to become one of the most trusted companies in website design and other technologically oriented solutions in the area also affirms that Facet Web Tech is a top class company. With the support of the parent company, the new web design branch is able to meet the needs of the clients since it has a lot of resources on its software development peoria il

This gives the company ability to provide services such as upgrading aging proprietary in house programs and creating web-based solutions for different company’s goals. This givesPeoria, IL businesses confirmation that by approaching this company they will be getting top notch services in a professional manner.

Skilled Specialists for Website & Software Development

Facet Web Tech seeks to be the best website development, web design, and software development company in Peoria, IL. Together with Facet Tech, this attainable with respect to the company’s rapid growth which clearly shows that clients have faith in getting high quality design responsive

The rapid growth of the company has effectively created employment opportunities for well trained and highly skilled web development specialists, skilled technicians and experienced sales personnel. This further confirms that the teams that provide the different services from this company have the relevant qualifications to ensure clients are optimally satisfied and get full value for money from the services provided.

To affirm the high quality website and software development services provided by this company to clients in Peoria, IL potential customers can readily get positive feedback from customers who enjoy the different technologically oriented services. The new company also ensures that the website design and other related services it provides are all updated.

This is important because new trends are continuously emerging and therefore all clients require the latest solutions. For the clients in Peoria, IL who would like to benefit from the services provided by this company all what is needed is to make contact with the company. The professionals from the company will respond as soon as possible and provide the necessary technologically oriented services effectively.

Contact the Peoria web design company at:

Facet Web Tech
2103 Court Street
Pekin, IL 61554
(309) 353-4727

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