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STUCO holds successful senior dinner

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The Drexel High School Student Council hosted its annual Senior Citizen Thanksgiving Dinner November 25th in the south gymnasium.

Far right: Mr. Brown leads the high school band in their performance during the Thanksgiving Dinner.
Right: Sarah Cawby serves a Thanksgiving feast to the seniors who attended the dinner.

For the full story, see the November 27 issue of the Drexel Star.

Drexel 4th graders continue a Thanksgiving tradition


Kelly Sims' and Jamee Holt's fourth grade classes held their annual Thanksgiving play and feast on Tuesday, November 18th. The event was held at the Drexel Community Building and was attended by family members of the fourth graders.

Right: Family members of fourth graders enjoyed a Thanksgiving feast together after the play.

Far right: The "family" feasts during the Thanksgiving play.

For the full story, see the November 20 issue of The Drexel Star.

The Drexel community helps FFA raise funds for the leadership program and scholarships


The Drexel R-IV FFA held a fundraising dinner Saturday, January 11, 2014. Tammy Bartholomew’s FFA students served soup, chili, drinks and desserts to members of the community. The crowd enjoyed entertainment by country singer Jara Mumma of Rich Hill and Drexel’s own poet Eric Borden.

Pictured: FFA members Becky Sutcliffe and Jenna Bartholomew serve soup and chili to Brad and Debbie Lancaster.

Drexel Christmas Programs


The Drexel R-IV annual Christmas programs were once again a success, complete with talented vocalists and musicians. Kindergarten through sixth grades performed Christmas songs and the Elementary Band played for the audience. The Junior High and High School choir and band performed. Both programs were directed by Vocal and Instrumental Music Teacher Jacob Herzog.

Right: Drexel 5th and 6th graders sang Christmas songs for the audience.

Far right: The Drexel High School band played Christmas music for all to enjoy.

Drexel Students of the Month announced


The Drexel October Students of the Month have been selected. Front row, left to right: Holly Yager, 1st grade; Joshua King, 1st grade. Middle row, left to right: Alyssa Cochran, 7th grade; Paul Orton, 8th grade. Back row, left to right: Chasiti Clayton, 11th grade; Ansen Swoger, 9th grade.

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