Recruiting Giveaways: Creative Ideas from BookWear

Contrary to what some skeptics might believe, recruiting giveaways can have a profound impact on any recruitment strategy. Going beyond the branded pen, pad, coffee mug or water bottle, creative and strategic use of recruiting giveaways offers an effective tool for many different recruiters. BookWear recruiting giveaways


There are a wide range of businesses, brands, institutions, and organizations leveraging the power of gifts and giveaways for recruiting. Whether for universities looking to recruit prospective college students or businesses looking to recruit top-notch employees, leveraging giveaways in a creative and strategic fashion can present a highly-effective means to grab attention and call recipients to action.

Recruiting Giveaway Ideas from BookWear

Well-known for creative recruiting giveaway ideas, BookWear has helped many different businesses, educational institutions, hospitals, and other entities craft custom gifts and giveaways for recruiting. Whether as college student recruiting giveaways or volunteer recruiting gifts for events, BookWear has made a name in the marketplace for its compelling recruitment solutions.

Based on simple book-like concept, BookWear can be branded and designed with custom logos, graphics, and content to match the recruiting campaign at hand. But unlike other types of recruiting giveaways, BookWear must be opened (like a book) to reveal the complete message and contents inside. This element of surprise is core ingredient in what makes BookWear recruiting giveaways so effective.recruiting giveaways

Countless Options for Creativity

While many college and universities choose t-shirts and other wearable items for their BookWear recruiting giveaways, there are a number of different options that can be used. For instance, other popular recruitment giveaway ideas include:College Student Recruiting Giveaways

  • Beanies
  • Flags
  • Bluetooth FOBs/Key Finders
  • Microfiber Towels
  • Custom Playing Cards
  • Puzzles
  • Corkscrews
  • Phone Stands

These items are not only functional, but can be customized to include any brand colors and logos. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg with BookWear’s crafty recruiting giveaway ideas. As you can see, BookWear goes beyond the norm when it comes to promotional products and recruiting gifts.

Giveaways That Actually Work for Recruitment

BookWear Recruiting Giveaway IdeasWith BookWear, you can combine the magic of surprise with your message, photos and a gift. BookWear is a novel communications medium that taking the world of promotional products by storm. In essence, BookWear is a small “book” that is printed with your design, graphics, and content on the cover, and of course, a surprise gift inside. Distribute recruiting gifts and giveaways to your recipients at an event, or send it through the mail like a thick postcard.

Leverage a refreshingly unique and tangible giveaway item for recruiting in a world bombarded by advertising and media. At the very least, your recipients will open your BookWear “book” and read your message. The rest is up to them.

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Retro Two Unveils New Collection of Unique Cycling Jerseys

Today’s cycling jerseys are designed with both performance and style in mind. Serious cyclists opt to wear jerseys instead of cotton t-shirts because jerseys wick sweat away from the body.

But we’re not here to talk about performance features. We’re here to talk about cycling jersey style. Retro Two recently unveiled a new collection of unique cycling jerseys. The new products feature something for every cyclist, whether man or woman, flashy or conservative, long-sleeved, short-sleeved, or no-sleeved.retro two unique cycling jerseys

Let’s get a sense of what inspires Retro Two. The company began in 2002 when founder Roger Mallette stumbled across a copy of a Bauhaus Cycling Exposition poster from the 1920s. The imagery inspired him to start the company, initially named Retro Image Apparel Company. Roger’s sister, Michelle, took over in 2012 after Roger passed away. She reformed the company, calling it Retro Image Apparel Two, or Retro Two, for short.

Retro Two’s designers continue to be inspired by vintage graphics, historic movements and cycling races. They also design unique cycling jerseys that incorporate more modern pop culture icons. Let’s take a look at five of the new unique cycling jerseys from Retro Two:new unique cycling jerseys balloon

Balloon Women’s Sleeveless Cycling Jersey

This unique sleeveless cycling jersey is for the woman who wants to be seen. Featuring a bold and colorful pattern on the front and back, imagine a psychedelic hot air balloon that attracts the eye. This unique cycling jersey incorporates every color of the rainbow in bright jewel tones. When it comes to women’s cycling jerseys and apparel, this is a great jersey that you won’t find anywhere unique cycling jerseys stl

STL-Style Women’s Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey

This 100% unique and original cycling jersey, available for both men and women, is a nod to Retro Two’s headquarters in St. Louis, MO. The front of the jersey features a bit of St. Louis’s skyline, framed by its famed arch. The back features an oversized graphic representation of the Seal of St. Louis. The colors are fairly subtle; dark gray images on a deep, reddish-orange background. The shoulder and sides feature several black fleurs-de-lis printed on a bright yellow unique cycling jerseys circus

Circus Men’s Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey

This unique cycling jersey uses vintage imagery to achieve a modern effect. The background pallet uses muted tones of cream, gold, and rust. The shoulders and side panels are black. The real stars of the show are the circus performers who are shown on both the front and back of the jersey. They ride across high wires during a time when women riders wore full-length unique cycling jerseys plan 9

Plan 9 Men’s Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey

This jersey pays homage to the 1959 classic science fiction horror movie Plan 9 from Outer Space. The front and back of the jersey feature the image of the Plan 9 theatrical release poster. The overall color palette is bright blue, accented with red and white. Display the warning “Unspeakable horrors from outer space paralyze the living and resurrect the dead!” as you unique cycling jerseys velo

Velo Records Men’s Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey

The front and back of this unique cycling jersey feature the same graphic. The graphic is a large LP vinyl record bearing the image of a planet in the center on which is written “VELO records”. Riding atop the record is a caricature of a lone cyclist atop a classic ten-speed bike.

If you’re looking for unique and novel cycling jerseys, be sure to check out Retro Two’s website to explore the full inventory of creative products.

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Retro Two Now Offers Custom Cycling Jerseys & Apparel

Retro Two Image Apparel, a company popularized by its creative display of unique and novel cycling jerseys, is now taking its graphic design talents to the next level in offering custom cycling jerseys and apparel. While the company has been providing custom cycling jerseys and kits for specific customers, Retro Two is opening the door to anyone interested in custom apparel for their cycling club, team, business, or event.retro-two custom cycling jerseys

Unlike some providers of custom cycling jersey design, Retro Two makes it extra easy for customers to submit their custom jersey requests online. Learn more about the process or submit your custom cycling jersey online at

Submitting Custom Cycling Jerseys

Below is a brief summary of the process and requests by Retro Two in submitting custom cycling jerseys.

Your artwork design may be in the form of a computer mock-up, drawing or even a design picture you like. To get custom design cycling jerseys and apparels, you will have to order at least 25 units. The designer requires you to submit your art guidelines. You should preferably create your files in Adobe Illustrator and remember to convert all the fonts into outlines/paths and embed all the linked images.

Retro Two prefers the files formatted in Adobe Illustrator CC or even lower and Adobe InDesign Cc. However, you may use any other program which make vector art for your jersey submission provided that you will remember to format it in the correct manner. They also accept PDF, AI, and EPS format vector art. If vector art isn’t available, they may also accept raster art – this should be the high resolution CMYK images with 300dpi or even higher. The 300dpi is the minimal AI size needed.

custom cycling jersey design

This custom cycling jersey was created by Retro Two for Schlafly, The Saint Louis Brewery™

Upon receipt, the designer will review the files to ensure they are of high quality. Some examples of raster images that they accept include psd (Photoshop), gif, tiff, jpeg and png files. Retro Two also prefers the art saved over transparent backgrounds. Some examples of the files you can save on transparent background include psd, png and tiff.

You should also ensure that all the solid lines in your artwork aren’t thinner than 1/2 point or 0.007” and that will ensure that any white line you have reversed out of solid color isn’t thicker than a 1/2 point whenever possible. The type should be above 6 points in size. Since font styles highly vary, you should note that there are some fonts with very narrow negative spaces or strokes and this may require them to be above 6 points.custom cycling jerseys online

After receiving your order, the designers will create the apparel and jerseys according to your specifications. They will create them according to your design and color preferences and also include any logos and texts you need. All these will not involve any additional cost. To come up with a perfect custom design, you can involve your entire team in the design process.

Custom Cycling Jersey Design Services

Retro Two has been making custom cycling jerseys, commuter jersey and performance tees using superior wicking materials. Whether you want to upgrade the cycling jerseys of your team with new custom design or you are in need of custom cycling apparel for an event or even cause, Retro Two will provide you with exactly what you need. They offer various custom cycling jerseys and they include short sleeve and full sleeve jerseys, as well as performance tees and commuter jerseys.

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Independent Production “Beyond Glory” Sees Film Festival Exposure

Starting in 2008, independent film production company 8180 Films, has created four feature films that have all gone on to win major awards. From 8180 Films’ post WWII drama Christina to its neo-noir suspense thriller The Girl on the Train, the independent film production company has continued its trend in producing compelling, award-winning films with its latest performance documentary, Beyond Glory starring Stephen Lang. Quickly emerging in the film festival community, Beyond Glory is seeing the screens in many premier festivals this year.

independently produced film beyond glory stephen lang


Beyond Glory the Filmfilm beyond glory

Based on journalist Larry Smith’s best selling war novel, Beyond Glory, is a creative synthesis of theatre and cinema. In crafting some very original in the film version of Beyond Glory, filmmaker Larry Brand joins actor Stephen Lang on a journey through the personal accounts and conflicts of WWII, Korea, and Vietnam.

Playing a multi-character role with virtuosity, Stephen Lang embodies eight warriors of these historic battles through their courageous stories. Each a Medal of Honor recipient, Lang tells each remarkable story with great emotion, accuracy, and fortitude. Investing equal skill in crafting the film Beyond Glory, director Larry Brand exercises a wide cinematic arsenal of talent to illuminate each story. The outcome is an edge-of-your-seat marriage of two art forms – cinema and theatre.

About Stephen Lang

beyond glory stephen langIn Beyond Glory the film, Stephen Lang reunites with director of 8180 Films, Larry Brand to capture his memorable portrayal of eight Medal of Honor soldiers whose stories are brought to life in Lang’s popular play of Beyond Glory.

For many years, Stephen Lang has been recognized as one of the world’s most respected actors. Featuring in Broadway performances and IMAX screens alike, Lang has created roles that have defined the success of many films, including Avatar’s Col. Quaritch and Death of a Salesman’s Happy.

Independent Film Production Company: 8180 Films

Beyond Glory and the other feature productions from 8180 Films were directed by award-winning writer/director/editor Larry Brand, along with founding partners and award-winning producers Jim Carpenter and Rebecca Reynolds. Since the start of the independent film production company, the goal behind 8180 Films has been a pursuit to produce exceptional-quality, cost-effective indie films.

8180 independent film production company8180 Films’ features have seen the screens at the Oaxaca Film Festival, the Mumbai International Film Festival, and in various film festivals across the U.S., including Traverse City Film Festival, Sedona International Film Festival, New York City’s VisionFest, Chelsea Film Festival, Napa Valley Film Festival, and Newport Beach Film Festival. The films produced by 8180 Films have won awards in every major category, including Best Screenplay, Best Documentary, Best Drama, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Actress.

For each feature, the independent film production company has been able to recruit well-known and highly-acclaimed talented actors and comedians, such as Gary Sinise, Henry Ian Cusick, Stephen Lang, Moshe Kasher, John Fugelsang, Jordan Belfi, David Marguiles, and Nicki Aycox.

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