5 Creative Ideas for Unique & Novel Cycling Gifts

As with everything, you can always find new and interesting cycling gifts for your friends and family if you actually make an effort. Some of those more impressive cycling gifts that are likely to be a win are items that are functional and unique.

So to help inspire your search, below we share five creative ideas for unique and novel cycling gifts, ranging from incredible cycling jerseys to accessories for riding. cycling gift ideas pannier


If you are looking to gift someone with a practical cycling-related item, consider investing in a bike pannier. These bags are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs. Easy enough to harness on a bicycle, not only are bike panniers large enough to store your essential items such as laptops but they are typically padded at the bottom for extra strength.

A bike pannier is especially useful for individuals who make frequent use of their bicycles but who would rather not struggle with the weight of packs on their backs.

Novel Cycling Jerseygift cycling jersey novel

You cannot go wrong with a unique and novel cycling jersey as a gift, especially if you understand your tastes and preferences of your recipient. Websites like Retro2Ride.com the widest variety of classic and vintage cycling jerseys.

Your friend is bound to appreciate the level of creativity that goes into some of these creative and custom cycling jersey designs. Whether they are capturing pop culture icons or representing historical figures, the offering of cycling jerseys on Retro2Ride.com is so wide that you should be able to satisfy your target’s most obscure interests and style preferences.

Bluetooth Padlock

If you know anything about cycling, you have probably heard the name ‘Noke’ at some point in recent years. Noke’s fame revolves around its introduction of the first ever Bluetooth Padlock.Noke Lock Cycling gift

Your target will be lost for words when they learn that they no longer have to worry about losing the keys to their bicycle padlock or forgetting the lock’s combination, not when they now have a padlock they can manage with a simple Application on their mobile device.

This Bluetooth Padlock from Noke is designed with durability in mind, capable of contending with difficult environments and weather conditions.

Cycling Necklace

Jewelry is the perfect gift for anyone struggling with finding an appropriate gift for a friend or family member, and cycling enthusiasts are no different. Most people love shiny things, especially when they are crafted from quality material and designed to manifest their interests.

A bicycle necklace is perfect for most occasions. You can get a nice necklace handmade from solid sterling silver and suspended from a chain of your choice though silver is quite popular.

Bike Planters

If your target shares his or her enthusiasm for cycling with a love for all things green, then they will appreciate a wearable planter. Planters can be clipped onto handlebars where they will firmly hold most plants and flowers of your choice. bike gifts cycling

Finding the right gift for a cycling fanatic is no easy task, especially if you want to really surprise them with something unique, different from the keychains, toys and other generic cycling gifts they have come to expect from friends and family.

Cycling gifts are not really that hard to come by, even novel ones. You need only apply some creativity and effort into scouring the numerous corners of the market until you find that one item you know your target will appreciate.

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