Best Practice FQHC Billing Services: What to Expect

Reputable FQHC billing company, Practice Management is an experienced medical billing and consulting firm with a proven track record in the provision of Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) billing services. Practice Management is a Chicago, IL area firm that focuses to offer FQHC billing solutions with highest degree of professional standards and success rates.FQHC billing by Practice Management

The billing strategies and resources put in place by Practice Management are proven effective in establishing more efficient patient billing systems and an overall easier experience for FQHC clients. Practice Management has an outstanding reputation of offering FQHC medical billing services that maximize revenue collection while at the same time reducing the payment turn-around duration.

FQHC billing Services Provided by Practice Management

Practice Management’s FQHC billing department has a team of experienced staff who provide expert services in all fields of FQHC billing, health center billing, as well as coding. These services are offered in areas such as Medicaid (a social health scheme in US for low-income individuals), Medicare (a health insurance for members who are 65 years and above), Medical Commercial insurance, dental claims as well behavioral health.

The FQHC billing company is therefore well-known for recruiting professionals in billing for all medical areas offering FQHC and CHC services such as; Family practice, Pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, cardiology, physician assistants, internal medicine, Advanced Practice Nurses, dental and behavioral health.

Practice Management is also trained and can perform in variety of EMR (Electronic Medical Record) Practice Management systems. These include: NextGen, GE Centricity, eClinical works and Allscripts.

A Common FQHC Billing Service Program

For many FQHCs seeking medical billing help, Practice Management offer several specialized solutions. These include:

1. FQHC Billing Consultationfqhc billing consultation

FQHCs and health centers can consult on various topics on billing their clients such as; coding, software applications, front office processes as well as financial strategies and procedures. Practice Management also provides FQHC consultation services in revenue cycle management which includes assessment of whole or part of the existing processes. Suggested areas of improvement could include maintenance of software files, systems configuration, analyzing debts and tracking claims.

2. Credentialing Services

FQHCs and health center can rely on Practice Management in obtaining appropriate credentialing services. This will ensure that they get timely billing hence boosting their cash inflow. Furthermore, Practice Management enhances the center security thereby enabling the FQHCs and health centers to have adequate time to handle their patients.

3. Software Integration

As one of the top FQHC billers in the industry, Practice Management can carry out all the medical billing activities remotely to the software belonging to FQHCs and health centers. The company can offer FQHC billing, schedule appointments as well as compatible software to suit a FQHC or a health center.

4. Unique Reporting Solutions

FQHCs and health centers invested in the company’s health center billing services can enjoy the regular and customized reporting provided by Practice Management. The company works with a FQHC or a health center to determine the exceptional reporting needs which results to personalized medical billing services.

5. Patient Service Contact

FQHCs and health centers can have their patient contacts uniquely customized. Practice Management provides services such as patient statements, former due letters, online payment portal, free inquiry and committed customer care service.

6. Legal Compliance

As a leading FQHC billing company, Practice Management fully complies with all laws and regulations. Therefore, FQHCs and health centers working with the company can be assured that their facilities will be operated ethically and lawfully.

In conclusion, the above overview shows that Practice Management combines up-to-date technology and experienced team of FQHC billing experts to significantly increase revenue in FQHC and health centers.

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