5 Creative Ideas for Unique & Novel Cycling Gifts

As with everything, you can always find new and interesting cycling gifts for your friends and family if you actually make an effort. Some of those more impressive cycling gifts that are likely to be a win are items that are functional and unique.

So to help inspire your search, below we share five creative ideas for unique and novel cycling gifts, ranging from incredible cycling jerseys to accessories for riding. cycling gift ideas pannier


If you are looking to gift someone with a practical cycling-related item, consider investing in a bike pannier. These bags are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs. Easy enough to harness on a bicycle, not only are bike panniers large enough to store your essential items such as laptops but they are typically padded at the bottom for extra strength.

A bike pannier is especially useful for individuals who make frequent use of their bicycles but who would rather not struggle with the weight of packs on their backs.

Novel Cycling Jerseygift cycling jersey novel

You cannot go wrong with a unique and novel cycling jersey as a gift, especially if you understand your tastes and preferences of your recipient. Websites like Retro2Ride.com the widest variety of classic and vintage cycling jerseys.

Your friend is bound to appreciate the level of creativity that goes into some of these creative and custom cycling jersey designs. Whether they are capturing pop culture icons or representing historical figures, the offering of cycling jerseys on Retro2Ride.com is so wide that you should be able to satisfy your target’s most obscure interests and style preferences.

Bluetooth Padlock

If you know anything about cycling, you have probably heard the name ‘Noke’ at some point in recent years. Noke’s fame revolves around its introduction of the first ever Bluetooth Padlock.Noke Lock Cycling gift

Your target will be lost for words when they learn that they no longer have to worry about losing the keys to their bicycle padlock or forgetting the lock’s combination, not when they now have a padlock they can manage with a simple Application on their mobile device.

This Bluetooth Padlock from Noke is designed with durability in mind, capable of contending with difficult environments and weather conditions.

Cycling Necklace

Jewelry is the perfect gift for anyone struggling with finding an appropriate gift for a friend or family member, and cycling enthusiasts are no different. Most people love shiny things, especially when they are crafted from quality material and designed to manifest their interests.

A bicycle necklace is perfect for most occasions. You can get a nice necklace handmade from solid sterling silver and suspended from a chain of your choice though silver is quite popular.

Bike Planters

If your target shares his or her enthusiasm for cycling with a love for all things green, then they will appreciate a wearable planter. Planters can be clipped onto handlebars where they will firmly hold most plants and flowers of your choice. bike gifts cycling

Finding the right gift for a cycling fanatic is no easy task, especially if you want to really surprise them with something unique, different from the keychains, toys and other generic cycling gifts they have come to expect from friends and family.

Cycling gifts are not really that hard to come by, even novel ones. You need only apply some creativity and effort into scouring the numerous corners of the market until you find that one item you know your target will appreciate.

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Top 5 SEO Companies for Ecommerce Sites [in Review]

top ecommerce seo companiesProficient ecommerce SEO companies are known to help improve an online retailer’s visibility on the Internet. In essence, quality SEO services for ecommerce sites apply systems and processes that seek to ensure that the given ecommerce website will come up at the top of the search results for related keywords.

By using a strategic planning, analysis, resources, and having a skilled team behind each company, ecommerce SEO service providers help in gaining maximum exposure for optimal revenue generating potential. These ecommerce site SEO companies understand the importance of engaging content and how it affects traffic, links, and sales. Below we profile five of the top-rated ecommerce SEO companies that are well-known for their efficacy in the art of SEO for ecommerce sites.

1. Click Centric SEO

Click Centric SEO started in 2012 and has now become one of the most successful SEO companies in the ecommerce business. The SEO specialists of the company always incorporate best practices to meet Google’s strict search engine guidelines, they leverage many different channels ranging from social media and content marketing to link building and technical SEO.

As one of the most reputable ecommerce SEO companies, Click Centric SEO understands that one of the most important parts of a successful website is its technical composition. They have amazing web developers who are experts in ensuring that the architecture is seamless and that their clients’ ecommerce sites are SEO-friendly. They offer their ecommerce SEO services for people who want to build their own website and those who want to improve on existing ones. They have the skills and resources which are essential to gain traffic for your business, including SEO copywriting and content marketing capabilities.

2. Foxtail Marketing

Foxtail Marketing was created by online marketing veterans. The company is popular for building quality and lasting marketing campaigns. The processes they use ensures that even if unexpected changes suddenly occur, the website will still remain productive.

The best thing about Foxtail Marketing is that they work within the system instead of finding a way to change it. As a result, a lot of people visit the website and revenues increase steadily. They are focused on using ROI in their campaigns. It’s a way for them to ensure that their methods are successfully working for the client’s benefit.

3. Bruce Clay Inc.

Perhaps the best ecommerce site SEO company for online retailers, Bruce Clay provides comprehensive SEO services and web design solutions. They also use the advertising management called Pay-Per-Click (PPC). They are well known for creating the award winning SEO Tool Set. It is a highly acclaimed SEO training course.

The company behind Bruce Clay started in 1996 and have grown to be one of the top SEO companies in the industry. They are the authors of SEO All-In-One for Dummies which is a comprehensive 746 page book, now in its third edition. They are front runners in the industry as they provide SEO training and certification programs to promote principled practices.

4. Customer Magnetism

Customer Magnetism is a digital and social marketing SEO company. They have started as a small company which was founded in 2000. Today, they are a world-renowned digital marketing agency. Their goal is to help their clients have highly useful content which will attract more customers.

Customer Magnetism strives to help Ecommerce businesses become successful with their help. Customer Magnetism is composed of a team of experts who are fully dedicated in monitoring and managing ROI. They help businesses in using successful marketing strategies.

5. Webimax

The mission behind Webimax revolves around its core principle to help their clients grow their businesses. Instead of being just an outsourced vendor, they consider themselves a strategic partner of their clients. Since the company started in 2008, they have learned and mastered the pros and cons of the SEO industry.

The staff behind Webimax is consistently being educated about internal and external factors which highly affects the success of their client’s business. Webimax is composed of 100 dedicated employees who are Internet marketing professionals. They are well known for using a targeted and comprehensive link building campaign.

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Walz Scale: Global Supplier of Truck Scales and Weighing Systems

Walz Scale is a leading global supplier of various truck scales and weighing systems for industrial applications. The company provides a wide range of advanced weighing systems including mining weighing systems, on-board scales, wheel loader, portable truck scales and axle scales, and on-site weighing solutions (i.e. calibration) for all types of weighing operations.

walz scaleWalz Scale is one of the fastest-growing truck scale suppliers that is known for the provision of superior weighing solutions, calibration and maintenance. Some of the advanced systems that Walz Scale include rail car weighing scales which provide an easy way of determining rail-car weights on railroads, as well as volumetric load scanning solutions. Walz Scale’s specialization extends into some of the following areas:

Truck Scales and Precision Weighing Systems

The company offers precision weighing systems and heavy-duty truck scales for purposes of agriculture, transportation, laboratories, and waste recycling processes and mining applications. The service quality for Walz Scale products is very high and satisfactory.

Also, Walz Scale has one of the largest service and support organization for portable truck scales, on-board scales and mining scale applications. This company is capable of providing truck scales for rent or weighbridge truck scales for long term use. Customers receive tailor-made solutions for their needs.

Advanced Weighing Systems for Optimal Efficiency

portable axle scale

This is one of the most advanced portable axle scales that offers weigh-in-motion capabilities.

The company strives to focus on advanced and emerging technologies for weighing equipment that adapts well to new trends. Walz Scale’s on-board truck scales are an example of the stride that the company has made regarding advanced weighing technology. The level of significant sales and supplies made globally for the weighing systems demonstrate the efficiency of the equipment sold. Customers can purchase wheel loader scales, portable mining scales and also rail weighing scales.

The company also offers solutions for gathering valuable data to facilitate the processing and transfer of relevant information into customers’ management information systems for their use. For instance, Walz Scale’s weigh-in-motion axle scale and truck scales feature advanced technology that provides customers with excellent means of managing their weight and payload data.

Management Solutions Beyond Truck Scales

One of the factors making Walz Scale a frontier in the provision of equipment is the delivery of solutions in load management. The company offers a quality load scanner featuring advanced technology and supported by the latest software for tracking. Walz Scale’s load scan system makes weighing extremely simple. The scanner provides the best solutions to weighing systems and has different capabilities. The scanner uses a non-contact laser drive to scan truckloads thereby providing a measurement of materials carried by the lorry.

Additionally, the company has integrated its load management technology and software platforms with various wheel weathers and truck scales to provide optimized solutions. For all agricultural, farming, resource aggregation and waste management, Walz Scale meets the highest quality standard in its equipment. Vehicles get scanned by driving under a high scan at speeds of 3-5mph. A touch screen operator displays load results in a highly visible LED message board. The display board provides status message and instructions to the driver. A ticket printer is also available to print tickets where there is a need.

For over half a century and with years of experience, Walz Scale has a capable team of experts having the ability to ascertain various requirements for different users and customers. The company prescribes and recommends the best scale systems or equipment for use. For all industry leading truck scale solutions, Walz Scale provides a one stop shop solution for customers globally.

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Recruiting Giveaways: Creative Ideas from BookWear

Contrary to what some skeptics might believe, recruiting giveaways can have a profound impact on any recruitment strategy. Going beyond the branded pen, pad, coffee mug or water bottle, creative and strategic use of recruiting giveaways offers an effective tool for many different recruiters. BookWear recruiting giveaways


There are a wide range of businesses, brands, institutions, and organizations leveraging the power of gifts and giveaways for recruiting. Whether for universities looking to recruit prospective college students or businesses looking to recruit top-notch employees, leveraging giveaways in a creative and strategic fashion can present a highly-effective means to grab attention and call recipients to action.

Recruiting Giveaway Ideas from BookWear

Well-known for creative recruiting giveaway ideas, BookWear has helped many different businesses, educational institutions, hospitals, and other entities craft custom gifts and giveaways for recruiting. Whether as college student recruiting giveaways or volunteer recruiting gifts for events, BookWear has made a name in the marketplace for its compelling recruitment solutions.

Based on simple book-like concept, BookWear can be branded and designed with custom logos, graphics, and content to match the recruiting campaign at hand. But unlike other types of recruiting giveaways, BookWear must be opened (like a book) to reveal the complete message and contents inside. This element of surprise is core ingredient in what makes BookWear recruiting giveaways so effective.recruiting giveaways

Countless Options for Creativity

While many college and universities choose t-shirts and other wearable items for their BookWear recruiting giveaways, there are a number of different options that can be used. For instance, other popular recruitment giveaway ideas include:College Student Recruiting Giveaways

  • Beanies
  • Flags
  • Bluetooth FOBs/Key Finders
  • Microfiber Towels
  • Custom Playing Cards
  • Puzzles
  • Corkscrews
  • Phone Stands

These items are not only functional, but can be customized to include any brand colors and logos. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg with BookWear’s crafty recruiting giveaway ideas. As you can see, BookWear goes beyond the norm when it comes to promotional products and recruiting gifts.

Giveaways That Actually Work for Recruitment

BookWear Recruiting Giveaway IdeasWith BookWear, you can combine the magic of surprise with your message, photos and a gift. BookWear is a novel communications medium that taking the world of promotional products by storm. In essence, BookWear is a small “book” that is printed with your design, graphics, and content on the cover, and of course, a surprise gift inside. Distribute recruiting gifts and giveaways to your recipients at an event, or send it through the mail like a thick postcard.

Leverage a refreshingly unique and tangible giveaway item for recruiting in a world bombarded by advertising and media. At the very least, your recipients will open your BookWear “book” and read your message. The rest is up to them.

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Top 3PL Warehousing Companies in the U.S. [Review]

Finding the top 3PL warehousing companies in the U.S. has become much easier that it was before. By simply visiting the Web or relying on referrals, a prospective client will be able to pinpoint the ideal 3PL warehousing company to meet their needs.Top 3PL Warehousing Companies

However, not all the 3PL providers and warehousing companies are the same. While some will offer comprehensive warehousing solutions, supply chain management, logistics, transport services and related solutions, some 3PL companies have limited capabilities. After reviewing the market, we were able to come up with the following list of the top 3PL warehousing companies that offer full-service solutions all throughout the nation.

1. Echo

Echo is not a new entrant in the list of the top firms. For over 10 years, the Chicago-based company has helped many businesses get the best warehousing solutions no matter the size or experience. The firm stands out when it comes to offering simple yet effective solutions, streamlining the operations, and providing proprietary technology platform. The team of dedicated and experienced employees at Echo is always at hand to deal with queries and can be reached around the clock.

2. C.H. Robinson

C.H. Robinson is a name that is mentioned in regard to leading warehousing and logistics firms in the US. The firm is known for offering extensive supply chain solutions, employing highly-knowledgeable staff, and is building strong relationships with their customers/clients. Developing innovative warehousing solutions, keeping in touch with their customer needs, and having a strategic approach to any issues are other reasons that make C.H. Robinson a top firm.3PL Warehousing Company

3. United Facilities, Inc

United Facilities is regarded as one of the top 3PL warehousing companies in the US for several reasons. One, it has large coverage with a total of 12 distribution centres in the region. Two, they have good reputation when it comes to speedy service, efficiency, and exceptional customer service. Three, the firm’s distribution center in Montgomery, Illinois is certified to handle organic food items. Four, the team at United Facilities is easily accessible and always reachable 24/7/365.

4. Ryder

Ryder, a Miami based 3PL makes it to the top performers list for a number of reasons. First, it offers proactive solutions suited for a variety of applications. Second, it scored well when it came to expertise in supply chain management and logistics. Third, Ryder always works with a sense of urgency and delivers its services in record time. Four, customers appreciate the company for being competent and always trying to offer simpler solutions.

5. Transplace

Completing the list of the top 3PL warehousing firms in the US is Transplace. The North American company is renowned for offering reliable transport management solutions, proprietary technology, logistics software as well as developing effective human capital strategies. Customers also praised the logistic and warehouse provider for streamlining operations, ensuring transparency and openness prevails, and striving to continually improve service. Besides being knowledgeable on the latest industrial development and customer needs, Transplace also gives good bang for money.

Finding the best 3PL warehousing and logistics firms wasn’t easy. This is because of the intense competition, advancement in technology, varied consumer needs, and more. Nonetheless, by focusing on the key aspects, we were able to zero-in on the top firms. This entailed looking at range of services, reputation, experience, and customer testimonials. Attention was also given to technological savvy, value for money, customer service, and delivery speed. In addition to boosting productivity, efficiency, and productivity, working with the best 3PL warehousing companies such as United Facilities, Inc. brings peace-of-mind.

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Chiropractic Care: Striking a Balance With Other Physical Therapies

chiropractic care Chiropractic care is a holistic health and wellness practice that focuses to relieve pain and help restore your normal body function through spinal adjustment or manipulation. There are countless reasons to seek for chiropractic care like poor organ function, blood pressure, lung capacity, headaches.

In this article, you will learn more about the importance of combining spine muscle strengthening exercises and physical therapies and treatments with chiropractic care so that your spine can be rehabilitated and you regain optimal mobility as soon as possible. Chiropractors believe that they help the body heal itself.

The Importance of Strength With Chiropractic

Chiropractic care works like magic to relieve spine related pains and is very effective when coupled with exercises that strengthen the muscles surrounding the spinal cord as well as other physical therapies. For instance, core and back exercises tailored according to your level of pain and condition can be the best supplement to chiropractic adjustments.

As supported by a Bloomington chiropractor IL, core exercises will enable your abdominal muscles support your back muscles so that they are not overloaded when supporting your upper body. The exercises are combined with regular stretching and physical therapies like low impact aerobics for the best results. When exercising, ensure that you master the right posture and techniques to avoid more injuries.

The Pettibon System

pettibon system chiropractorThe Pettibon System is a science-supported approach to chiropractic care that is highly recommended by most doctors. The Pettibon System is designed to realign or manipulate your spine so that it gets an upright posture for optimal function. It focuses on the nervous system integrity restoration and involves highly-targeted adjustments from a Pettibon System chiropractor, as well as spine correction and posture exercises that can help cultivate strength and balance in the surrounding muscles of the spine (perhaps the most important yet overlooked component to chiropractic care.)

When performing these exercises, there are special weights that have been designed to be worn on the head, hips and shoulders for approximately 20 minutes every day to correct your spine displacement and give you optimal mobility. These exercises will help minimize pain over time, making the muscles surrounding the spine strengthened and conditioned. The Pettibon System has received thousands of rave reviews from satisfied users and will without doubt help you regain your life.

Effective Complements to Chiropractic Care

Apart from the chiropractic care and the back strengthening exercises mentioned above, there are many other unique modalities that are employed today for long term spinal correction and regaining optimal mobility. They include:

Hot/Cold Therapy

Heat therapy works by causing relaxation and comfort on the muscles surrounding the spine. Cold therapy works by causing the injured area to become numb and minimize pain transmission. The combination can be a highly effective supplement to chiropractic care around the spine.


Ultrasound can help in the correct diagnosis and coupled with other treatments is very effective. It should be employed in the late stages of the injury.


Electrotherapy involves the passing of electrical current to catalyze the relief of nerve ending pain. It is recommended in the early stages of spinal injury. Some chiropractors apply this therapy for their patients.


Iontophoresis is the use of electrical potential to facilitate the transfer of ions into the soft tissues and specific site of injury. Although not very common, Iontophoresis therapy can be highly-effective when using in conjunction with chiropractic care.

Pool Physical Therapy

A number of physical therapy exercises can be done in a pool to relieve pain originating from spine injuries caused by muscular strains. This low-impact atmosphere is a great way to strengthen and cultivate balance in muscles around the spine.

Light Massage

You can be massaged using ointments containing therapeutic agents that pass through the skin to relieve pain. Working on tight spots in the spine’s surrounding muscles can be a great complement to the work of professional chiropractor.

Braces & Taping

Braces, splints or taping are tailored to your specific needs to support injures muscles and joints. These therapies are often helpful for acute and traumatic injuries.

You never know when you will encounter an unfortunate event or pain originating from musculoskeletal structures that may leave your spine displaced, affect nerve impulse transmission and deny you optimal mobility. Chiropractic care, when combined with various other treatments, can be extremely effective for individuals that need help minimize pain and optimizing mobility.

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Best Practice FQHC Billing Services: What to Expect

Reputable FQHC billing company, Practice Management is an experienced medical billing and consulting firm with a proven track record in the provision of Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) billing services. Practice Management is a Chicago, IL area firm that focuses to offer FQHC billing solutions with highest degree of professional standards and success rates.FQHC billing by Practice Management

The billing strategies and resources put in place by Practice Management are proven effective in establishing more efficient patient billing systems and an overall easier experience for FQHC clients. Practice Management has an outstanding reputation of offering FQHC medical billing services that maximize revenue collection while at the same time reducing the payment turn-around duration.

FQHC billing Services Provided by Practice Management

Practice Management’s FQHC billing department has a team of experienced staff who provide expert services in all fields of FQHC billing, health center billing, as well as coding. These services are offered in areas such as Medicaid (a social health scheme in US for low-income individuals), Medicare (a health insurance for members who are 65 years and above), Medical Commercial insurance, dental claims as well behavioral health.

The FQHC billing company is therefore well-known for recruiting professionals in billing for all medical areas offering FQHC and CHC services such as; Family practice, Pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, cardiology, physician assistants, internal medicine, Advanced Practice Nurses, dental and behavioral health.

Practice Management is also trained and can perform in variety of EMR (Electronic Medical Record) Practice Management systems. These include: NextGen, GE Centricity, eClinical works and Allscripts.

A Common FQHC Billing Service Program

For many FQHCs seeking medical billing help, Practice Management offer several specialized solutions. These include:

1. FQHC Billing Consultationfqhc billing consultation

FQHCs and health centers can consult on various topics on billing their clients such as; coding, software applications, front office processes as well as financial strategies and procedures. Practice Management also provides FQHC consultation services in revenue cycle management which includes assessment of whole or part of the existing processes. Suggested areas of improvement could include maintenance of software files, systems configuration, analyzing debts and tracking claims.

2. Credentialing Services

FQHCs and health center can rely on Practice Management in obtaining appropriate credentialing services. This will ensure that they get timely billing hence boosting their cash inflow. Furthermore, Practice Management enhances the center security thereby enabling the FQHCs and health centers to have adequate time to handle their patients.

3. Software Integration

As one of the top FQHC billers in the industry, Practice Management can carry out all the medical billing activities remotely to the software belonging to FQHCs and health centers. The company can offer FQHC billing, schedule appointments as well as compatible software to suit a FQHC or a health center.

4. Unique Reporting Solutions

FQHCs and health centers invested in the company’s health center billing services can enjoy the regular and customized reporting provided by Practice Management. The company works with a FQHC or a health center to determine the exceptional reporting needs which results to personalized medical billing services.

5. Patient Service Contact

FQHCs and health centers can have their patient contacts uniquely customized. Practice Management provides services such as patient statements, former due letters, online payment portal, free inquiry and committed customer care service.

6. Legal Compliance

As a leading FQHC billing company, Practice Management fully complies with all laws and regulations. Therefore, FQHCs and health centers working with the company can be assured that their facilities will be operated ethically and lawfully.

In conclusion, the above overview shows that Practice Management combines up-to-date technology and experienced team of FQHC billing experts to significantly increase revenue in FQHC and health centers.

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3 Reputable Names in On-board Truck Scales & Weighing Systems

On-board truck scales and weighing systems for both heavy-duty vehicles and trucks have played a great deal in saving time and resources for a vast array of weighing applications. On-board scales help in maximizing the operational efficiency of the entire payload management process. On-board weighing systems truck scales

There are various suppliers and manufacturers of on-board truck scales and weighing systems. In most cases, as an investor in an industry that deals with heavy loads that require the use of on-board weighing systems, you should understand the nature of each supplier’s products, support, and solution.

For this reason, this Drexel Star write-up is intended to inform you of the three most reputable names in on-board truck scales and weighing systems.

Walz Scale

walz-on-board-truck-scalesWalz Scale is one supplier that is rated among the top suppliers of on-board-truck scales and advanced weighing systems for many different applications. Walz Scale offers custom-integrated on-board weighing scales that are designed to meet unique needs of every client. They provide a wide range of scales, such as axle scales and wheel weighers, weighbridges, and on-board systems that are suitable for use in many industries including transport, agriculture, and waste management.


Ideal for mining applications, the on-board weighing systems for articulated haul trucks are a great solution from Walz Scale.

Walz Scale is ranked among the top on-board truck scale suppliers because they use high technology that enables the scale to share all the data with the management system. Therefore, when you choose Walz Scale, be sure to get high-tech on-board weighing systems. From on-board scale systems for cold planers to on-board grain cart scales for farmers, Walz Scale specializes in many applications of these unique weighing solutions.

Unlike other on-board truck scale suppliers, Walz Scale specializes in a variety of truck scales and weighing systems, including loaders, lift trucks, conveyors, trains, rail, and skid steers. To learn more about this supplier, you can visit WalzScale.com.

Avery Weigh-Tronixavery-on-board-truck-scale-systems

Avery Weigh-Tronix is a company specializing in on-board truck scales. They offer on-board weighing scales and weighing systems that can accommodate a big number of vehicles and weigh them within a short period. They provide large heavy-duty mining trucks and conveyors to any client who intends to experience high productivity and convenience. Every buyer is concerned with the quality of the product that he/she plans to spend money on.

As a result, Avery Weigh-Tronix is among the leading companies to look for when purchasing on-board truck scales and weighing system technology. Furthermore, they offer high-tech on-board truck scales and weighing systems that will help you eliminate the common but costly errors. Therefore, go for quality and affordable On-board truck scales at Avery Weigh-Tronix.

Cardinal Scale cardinal-on-board-weighing-systems

Cardinal Scale is a supplier that offer high quality on-board truck scales. They offer on-board truck weigh scales that fully suit your needs making them your company of choice anytime you intend to shop these products. They have the weigh-in- motion (WIM) systems installed on freeways. Thus, you will get an excellent deal if you consider acquiring them during your purchase.

For any company that needs to get the best estimates for any given weights, Cardinal Scale offers conveyors and large heavy duty mining trucks that fully suit your needs. It has become a company of choice for many buyers in the market today due to the availability of a vast array of positive customer reviews.

There are many suppliers of on-board truck scales and weighing system in the world today, but the above mentioned have proved to be among the top performers. A company is rated top when its on-board truck scales and weighing systems can maximize payload resulting in high productivity and cost-efficiency.

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