5 Mailing Machines for Cutting-Edge Business Mailrooms

Mailing machines are very crucial for any business that seeks to establish a cutting-edge mailroom that thrives in managing outbound postage. As a business, meeting all the mailing system requirements of your company and its deliveries is important.

It is therefore important that you have a reliable mailing system that is designed with the right technology and mailing machines. Below is a review of five different models of mailing machines that can be used to dramatically increase the production value of your business’ mailroom.

1. Neopost/Hasler IM6000 Postage Meter

IM6000 Postage MeterThis is the next generation mailing machine that incorporates the latest technology to improve efficiency and productivity in any business. The Neopost/Hasler IM6000 machine has several features that enable it to be reliable, cost effective and easy to operate. You can be able to install apps and connect to internet thus making business management more efficient.


  • Has 5.7” control panel that is adjustable
  • Has processing speed of up-to 300 letters per minute
  • Up-to 100,000 imprints
  • Internet and analogue phone connections
  • 110 volts and 50-60Hz electrical requirements
  • Meter, permit, seal only and date stamp print modes
  • Dual pump and jet spray sealing system with 5 level adjustment

You can find this mailing machine, as well as other high end postage meters and mailing machines for sale at WalzEQ.com.

2. Pitney Bowes DA80f Address Printer

Pitney Bowes DA80f Address PrinterInvesting in the Pitney Bowes DA80f address printer for your business will guarantee you operational efficiency and good response rates. This is because the printer is designed with the latest technology that enables you to process about 22,000 email pieces in 1hr. Due to the several benefits that the address printer has such as high speed USB connections and Ethernet, quick print and allows increased mail thickness is sure to make your business mailroom efficient.


  • Print resolutions of up-to 600 dpi
  • Print area of 239mm by 38mm
  • Black and/or spot print color
  • 16 fonts available
  • Up-to 6.3mm media thickness
  • 24,000 max pieces per month volume

See this address printing machine and all of the features that it has to offer at PitneyBowes.com

3. Pitney Bowes Relay 5000 Folding Machine

The Pitney Bowes Relay 5000 folding machine is a great choice for a business looking for mid-volume mailer. Designed with cutting edge technology, the machine is capable of inserting, folding and sealing 62,400 envelopes every month. This advanced mailing machine enables you to meet high security and accuracy level when sending important documents to your customers. Pitney Bowes Relay 5000 Folding Machine


  • Throughput of 4000 per hour
  • 1D bar scanning
  • 350 sheet feeder capacity
  • 350 insert feeder capacity
  • 250 envelope capacity
  • 3.5” by 6.37” to 6.5” by 10.5” letter envelope sizes
  • 6.5” by 6.37” to 10.5” by 13” flat envelope sizes
  • 100 flat envelope capacity

4. Hasler WJPRO / Neopost IJ-15K Postage Meter

Neopost IJ-15K Postage MeterThe Hasler WJPRO (also known as the Neopost IJ-15K) postage meter machine is designed with features that minimize paper jam to ensure continual productivity. It comes with various features that includes processing speed of up-to 15,000 envelopes per hour, status light for monitoring, automatic thickness adjustment and short paper path.


  • Built-in automatic label dispenser
  • 350ml ink reservoir capacity
  • 13″L x 18″D x 13.5″H system dimensions
  • Analogue phone connectivity
  • 120 volts and 60Hz electrical requirements

Visit HaslerInc.com for more information about this cutting-edge postage meter machine.

5. Data-Pac Advanced Curve Postage Meter

TData-Pac Advanced Curve Postage Meterhe Data-Pac Advanced Curve is a cutting-edge mailing machine that has an OCR camera system that is capable of reading up-to 6000 per hour addresses. The Advance Curve postage meter machine has multi-task 15” touch screen and eSmart-mail software that makes the machine an intelligent envelope processing system.

By understanding the nature of the business, you will be able to get the right mailing system that will have all the functionality that you require to improve the productivity of your business and serve your customers well.

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Retro Two Unveils New Collection of Unique Cycling Jerseys

Today’s cycling jerseys are designed with both performance and style in mind. Serious cyclists opt to wear jerseys instead of cotton t-shirts because jerseys wick sweat away from the body.

But we’re not here to talk about performance features. We’re here to talk about cycling jersey style. Retro Two recently unveiled a new collection of unique cycling jerseys. The new products feature something for every cyclist, whether man or woman, flashy or conservative, long-sleeved, short-sleeved, or no-sleeved.retro two unique cycling jerseys

Let’s get a sense of what inspires Retro Two. The company began in 2002 when founder Roger Mallette stumbled across a copy of a Bauhaus Cycling Exposition poster from the 1920s. The imagery inspired him to start the company, initially named Retro Image Apparel Company. Roger’s sister, Michelle, took over in 2012 after Roger passed away. She reformed the company, calling it Retro Image Apparel Two, or Retro Two, for short.

Retro Two’s designers continue to be inspired by vintage graphics, historic movements and cycling races. They also design unique cycling jerseys that incorporate more modern pop culture icons. Let’s take a look at five of the new unique cycling jerseys from Retro Two:new unique cycling jerseys balloon

Balloon Women’s Sleeveless Cycling Jersey

This unique sleeveless cycling jersey is for the woman who wants to be seen. Featuring a bold and colorful pattern on the front and back, imagine a psychedelic hot air balloon that attracts the eye. This unique cycling jersey incorporates every color of the rainbow in bright jewel tones. When it comes to women’s cycling jerseys and apparel, this is a great jersey that you won’t find anywhere else.new unique cycling jerseys stl

STL-Style Women’s Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey

This 100% unique and original cycling jersey, available for both men and women, is a nod to Retro Two’s headquarters in St. Louis, MO. The front of the jersey features a bit of St. Louis’s skyline, framed by its famed arch. The back features an oversized graphic representation of the Seal of St. Louis. The colors are fairly subtle; dark gray images on a deep, reddish-orange background. The shoulder and sides feature several black fleurs-de-lis printed on a bright yellow background.new unique cycling jerseys circus

Circus Men’s Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey

This unique cycling jersey uses vintage imagery to achieve a modern effect. The background pallet uses muted tones of cream, gold, and rust. The shoulders and side panels are black. The real stars of the show are the circus performers who are shown on both the front and back of the jersey. They ride across high wires during a time when women riders wore full-length skirts.new unique cycling jerseys plan 9

Plan 9 Men’s Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey

This jersey pays homage to the 1959 classic science fiction horror movie Plan 9 from Outer Space. The front and back of the jersey feature the image of the Plan 9 theatrical release poster. The overall color palette is bright blue, accented with red and white. Display the warning “Unspeakable horrors from outer space paralyze the living and resurrect the dead!” as you ride.new unique cycling jerseys velo

Velo Records Men’s Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey

The front and back of this unique cycling jersey feature the same graphic. The graphic is a large LP vinyl record bearing the image of a planet in the center on which is written “VELO records”. Riding atop the record is a caricature of a lone cyclist atop a classic ten-speed bike.

If you’re looking for unique and novel cycling jerseys, be sure to check out Retro Two’s website to explore the full inventory of creative products.

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Top 5 Spine Surgeons in New Jersey Worth Mentioning

top new jersey spine surgeonsNew Jersey is home to some of the top spine surgeons in the country. With debilitating spinal conditions on the rise, the demand for professional spine specialists and spinal surgeons is also increasing. So if you’re based near the eastern seaboard of the U.S., the following are the top spine surgeons in New Jersey.

Dr. James Dwyer (New Jersey Spine Institute)

Dr. James Dwyer is a fully board-certified; fellowship trained orthopedic surgeon who practices in Bedminster, NJ. His practice incorporates both surgical and conservative spine treatment methods. Such methods include outpatient discectomies/laminectomy, minimally invasive spine procedures, as well as a full complement of trauma and reconstructive surgeries for the lumbar spine and cervical spine.

Dr. James works closely with Dr. Paul P. Vessa at the New Jersey Spine Institute. The New Jersey spine center utilizes multi-disciplinary approaches to spinal disorders through the use of tactics such as comprehensive spinal surgeries, rehabilitation, pain management, as well as modern spinal diagnostics.

Dr. Gordon Donald (New Jersey Spine Group)

The New Jersey Spine Group is committed to helping spine patients regain their normal lives back. Dr. Gordon is a qualified medical director and the chief of spinal surgery at the group. Equipped with 25 years of private practice, he is renowned for his major accomplishment as an educator to other spine surgeons.

The spine surgeon in New Jersey is also known for his superior patient care. He has lectured and taught on the surgery internationally and throughout the country. He has been very instrumental in the development of minimally invasive spinal procedures. He is committed to the best patient care that guarantees efficient return to normal life activities.

Dr. Joshua Rovner (Progressive Spine & Orthopaedics in Englewood, NJ) new jersey spine surgery centers

Surgery-specific spinal conditions are often more than physical as they affect the state of the mind as well as social interactions. Efficient treatment should consider all factors for them to succeed. Dr. Joshua Rovner takes the time to determine the source of your pain, identify all the factors unique to your condition, and explains them to you. As the head New Jersey spine surgeon at Progressive Spine & Orthopaedics in Englewood, NJ Spine Surgeon Dr. Joshua Rovner educates his patients on all possibilities, including both surgical and non-surgical options.

Dr. Rovner empowers patients and helps them go through the treatment process with positivity. His goal is to help his patients regain their quality lives through combining quality care with integrity and compassion. Patients are seen by appointments without wait times.

Dr. Ari Ben-Yishay (Comprehensive Spine Care, Emerson, NJ)

Dr. Ari is also board certified and fellowship trained and boasts of a strong background in conservative, non-surgical approaches. He believes in exhausting all available options before opting for surgery.

When invasive approach is warranted, he has extensive training and experience in the minimally invasive procedures, conventional and other modern surgical techniques. He performs procedures such as work and sport related spine injuries, tumor surgery, scoliosis, cervical disc replacements, and revisions of failed spine surgeries.

Dr. Jonathan D. Lewin (Center for Spinal Disorders, Englewood, NJ)

Dr. Jonathan D. Lewin is a board certified and fellowship trained New Jersey spine surgeon with experiences of over ten years ranging from relatively conservative approaches to minimally invasive surgery. He is the head of the Center for Spinal Disorders.

Dr. Jonathan is among the few doctors in New Jersey and New York area who are experienced enough in undertaking endoscopic fusion surgery. He also specializes in the treatment of degenerative disc disease, scoliosis, spondylolisthesis, and other spinal disorders. He is also professionally affiliated to the Medical Society State of New Jersey, helping patients embrace spine surgery in the most mindful and graceful way possible.

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5 Premier Plastic Surgery SEO Companies in Review

It’s a tough marketplace out there for plastic surgeons, and if you want to grow your plastic surgery practice, it has become a necessity to step up into the interwebs. Specialise plastic surgery SEO solutions are often the best investment to increase your new patient acquisitions. So if this interests your practice, listed below are five of the most reputable plastic surgery SEO companies to seek higher rankings in Google search.optimized plastic surgery seo

Surgery Bloom

This company believes that the internet should be the most reliable source for all kinds of high value clients. So they focus on that and work on upholding that vision. How they roll differently from other plastic surgeon SEO companies out there? They work only with plastic surgeons and only a few at a time.

Why? Surgery Bloom want to make sure they understand entirely the business inside and out. They don’t just jump the gun into a black hat tactics and over-optimize the site into some spammy looking machine that Google will eventually have to bring down. All this barely scratches the surface so you might wanna check them out to learn more of what they offer.

Optimized Surgeons

We’ve finally landed into something more unconventional. The Optimized Surgeons team does not put their eggs where most companies are invested. When it comes to SEO for plastic surgery practices, Optimized Surgeons looks more into avenues charted more by seekers and very few marketers. With that, they are able to focus more on generating high quality content, backlinks, social signals – thus building your domain authority and rankings. All this without putting your site at risk of over-optimized backlinks.

The significance? Google won’t think your site is manipulating its search algorithms. Simply put, they have their way around organic SEO, especially for local plastic surgery SEO. Competition, as many would testify, is squeezed into something that creates more business feasibility.

plastic surgeon seo companies

Optimized Surgeons employs the resources and know-how to get your practice ranking in the coveted Google 3-Pack

NKP Medical

NKP Medical is one of the leaders in online marketing and SEO for plastic surgeons as they would say. The company focuses more on building a website festooned with aesthetically appealing designs and interactive features that can be engaging to the visitor’s end. A clean site is a cornerstone to this company’s plastic surgeon SEO strategies.

What better way to lure someone than through their eyes, right? But the team is more than that; they are well-versed in the craft of search engine optimization too. By putting web design and SEO together, they have proven time and again that indeed they can draw forth interesting results, converting site visits into appointment bookings.

Growth Med

You can pretty much say that Growth Med is one of the top companies for plastic surgery SEO. Reputability comes to no question with Growth Med as the company has 20 years of tech expert Steven Fruchter who founded the SEO company.

Fast forward to the more important part, his plan revolves around three online marketing staples: website design, ad management and local SEO. Pretty conventional, nonetheless consequential with the right team of experts.

Youth Noise

Youth Noise prides itself with its capability to turn a customer’s mood around. The secret? They are housed with real people and I’m not saying that the previous companies I mentioned don’t. Where their edge lies is how they focus on establishing a direct connection with the customers as if they were their own rather than the practice they are trying to promote. In short, they take themselves as a partner more than anything else. One that will stay by your side.

Once again, this top five list of plastic surgeon SEO does not come in any order. Rest assured, these are the ultimate points of contact if you want to get your plastic surgery practice going and growing through the cyberspace.

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An Inside Look the Cardiology Billing Services of Practice Management

When it comes to specialized medical billing solutions, such as cardiology billing services, only some companies can provide the level of service and expertise needed to establish an effective and seamless cardiology billing system.cardiology billing services

Practice Management is committed in providing its clients with giving them the best cardiology billing services available. The purpose of these services include:

  • Reducing overhead costs you may have
  • Reducing payment turnaround times
  • Increase your patient’s’ satisfaction with your Cardiology service
  • Increasing your cash-flow
  • Maximizing revenue

It is important to note that Practice Management keeps its practice up to date with the latest cardiology billing practices, codes, and regulations stated by governmental authorities.

A Typical Cardiology Billing Service Program

Practice Management’s cardiology medical billing services are provided for the following procedures:

  • Nuclear studies
  • Stent procedures
  • Implantable and wearable cardiac device assessments
  • Angiography
  • Angioplasty
  • Cardiovascular monitoring
  • Cardiac Catheterization
  • Echocardiography

Maximum Protection at Practice Management

Practice Management will give you a specific ID and password so you can have remote access to data regarding your cardiology practice. Practice Management follows the most strict and ethical security codes, so whenever a client stops working with them, the user’s ID and password are removed from the system. To ensure no data is lost, files are backed-up on a daily basis and they are also taken off the site for major protection.

Along with cardiologist medical billing and coding services, Practice Management also offers credentialing services to those institutions that are interested in making the reputation even more solid. It has been shown also that credentialing allows practitioners to avoid many cash-flow pitfalls that would otherwise remain undetected and unsolved.

NPI and CAQH updates and applications are also offered at Practice Management. It is important for the client to note that in every credential process, all information along with communication is maintained from the first stages (collection) up until the last stages (follow-up). All applications are also reviewed to see if any documents are missing and the company will let you know if there’s something missing so the client will have the time to present it.

Credentialing Services for Cardiologists

Here are some of the credentialing services offered:cardiology billing

  • Medicaid credentialing
  • Medicare credentialing
  • Blue Cross
  • Blue Shield
  • Workers Compensation Payers
  • Hospitals
  • Physician Organizations
  • Durable Medical Equipment
  • Commercial Payers
  • NPI registry

Why Choose Practice Management for Cardiology Billing and Coding Services?

Practice Management has been on business for several years. What sets them apart from their competition is the fact that they use the latest technology to keep track of the billing and coding done for their clients. On top of that, Practice Management specializes in having an efficient revenue cycle management. The goal of contacting and hiring Practice Management for your cardiology practice is to increase your revenue as well as the actual physical money coming into your company.

More and more cardiologists have been encouraged to outsource their billing and coding services so they can focus in their “core” business which is providing excellent health-care services to their patients. On top of that, you can maximize your revenue at the same time you reduce overhead costs.

Practice Management handles each case in a personalized manner. While the principles and values behind an aggressive revenue cycle management are kept when working with all clients, each cardiologist has specific needs in regards to billing and coding services. On top of that, you may also opt for a credentialing service to ensure your business’ finances stay in shape in the long term.

To learn more about this professional medical billing company or to inquire about Practice Management’s cardiology billing services, visit MaximizedRevenue.com for more information.

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Top 3 Manufacturers of Postage Meters

Manufacturers of postage meters are in most cases ranked based on their products’ speed in delivering letters ad well as each company’s share of the postage meters market. Top postage meter manufacturers are also ranked with the number of branches, suppliers and dealers, and penetration to local and international markets.postage meters

Some of the most highly ranked manufacturers have dominated the mailing machine market since they were established. The top 3 manufacturers of postage meters in the world are discussed below. You can find these brands of postage meters for sale at WalzEQ.com.

1. Pitney Bowes Inc.

pitney bowes postage metersPitney Bowes has been a leading manufacturer of postage meters and mailing machines since it was established in 1902. The company has maintained its popularity among Americans since its establishment. Arthur Pitney started the company by patenting his postage stamping. Pitney then merged with Walter Bowes in 1920 to form Pitney Bowes.

Since then, the company has spread its postage products to 130 countries and opened over 500 offices in different parts of the world. Pitney Bowes has more than 35,000 employees and serves more than two million customers worldwide.

The manufacturer appeared in the first list of S&P 500 in the year 1957 and managed to acquire 90% of the US market in the 1980s. The manufacturer is among the first S&P 500 companies that are still on the list to date. Its market share has reduced over the years as new companies join the industry. However, the company still has the largest market share in the US that ranges from 60% to 70%.

Pitney Bowes’ delivery speed ranges from 18 letters per minute to 22,000 letters per hour. The company offers its postage meters through authorized supplies and dealers. Pitney Bowes ranks first in terms of supplies outlets and customer support. Most businesses in small towns in the US have no other option but to use the company’s postage products.

2. Neopost & Hasler

neopost hasler postage metersNeopost and Hasler are the top manufacturers of postage meters in Europe. The two together rank second after Pitney Bowes in the world. The managerial team disputes the fact that Neopost SA acquired Ascom Hasler in 2001. Hasler was among the systems divisions at Swiss Group Ascom.

Neopost joined the mailing industry in 1920. The two companies have similar postage products but have different sales organizations. Neopost has 175 dealers and offices while Hasler has 120 dealers. The dealers operate independently in all markets. Although Neopost and Hasler have different names for their models, they have the same delivery speed that ranges from 20 letters per minute to 15,000 letters per hour.

Neopost and Hasler are the best alternative to Pitney Bowes for many businesses. They offer the same range and features as their major competitors. In addition, their systems in the low volume markets are similar to their competitors’ systems in same market category.

3. Data-Pac Mailing Systems Corp.

Data-Pac was established 35 years ago in Webster, New York. The manufacturer targets the middle to high volume market area with its postage products. Hence, its delivery speed ranges from 160 letters per minute to 250 letters per minute.datapac postage meters

Data-Pac may introduce a new model that delivers 60 letters per minute to reach the small volume market area. However, its current models limit its popularity among vendors of postage meters. Data-Pac offers direct sales and is likely to market the planned model for the small volume market through its website.

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Kubota Tractor Packages: German Bliss for the Win

german bliss kubota tractor dealerGerman Bliss Equipment, Inc. is the leading dealer of tractors and earthmoving equipment within central Illinois. As the customer’s choice for over 76 years, German Bliss has expanded to offer Kubota tractor packages, not just for the local area of central IL, but to customers all throughout the Midwest. German Bliss offers custom Kubota tractor packages that include the most essential attachment and implements that are needed for the maintenance of a user’s property.

The Kubota tractor package deals that are offered by German Bliss are focused on versatility and value in order to afford consumers with an enhanced level of productivity in a budget conscious manner. Additionally, consumers are provided with information and access to Kubota’s low APR financing plans for optimal payments. Below we go into greater detail about Kubota tractor packages offered at German Bliss.

BX Series Kubota Tractor Packages kubota tractor package

German Bliss offers a total of two Kubota BX Series packages and they deliver you wide range of performance capabilities. This includes a 4-wheel drive Kubota BX2370-1 tractor with a 23 horsepower diesel engine, R4 Industrial Tires, a Hydrostatic Transmission, a Grill Guard and a genuine Kubota LA243A front end loader with pin on 48′ bucket as well as Land Pride BB1248 4 foot boxscraper with scarifiers. Additionally, the BX series tractor package provides consumers with a Land Pride 60′ Rear Blade, a 3,500-pound Liberty single axle 78’X12 foot trailer, and a 7-way RV plug.

B Series Kubota Tractor Packages

There are a total of four B Series packages that afford consumers with a 4 wheel Kubota B2301HSD tractor with a 23 horsepower diesel engine, as well as many of the features included with the BX Series. In addition to those features, consumers are provided with a 7,000-pound Liberty dual axle 18-foot trailer with a dove tail, electric brakes on either axles, DOT lighting and a duo of load straps.

L Series Kubota Tractor Packages

German Bliss provides consumers with a total of eight packages pertaining to the L Series. This series affords consumers with a tractor that are equipped with a 24.8 horsepower diesel engine as well as 8F/4R Gear Transmission and R1 tires. Additional features are standard for Kubota tractors.

MX-Series Kubota Tractor Packageskubota tractor packages

There are five packages that are included in the MX Series tractor packages. Alongside of standard Kubota features, consumers are provided with a 46.9 horsepower diesel engine as well as an 8FX8R partial synchro transmission and a 10,000 pound 20-foot Liberty dual axle trailer with a dovetail.

German Bliss for the Win

German Bliss is able to provide consumers all over the Midwest United States with the most budget-conscious and custom-tailored Kubota tractor packages. This is a company that has taken great care and consideration in order to ensure that the best possible options are afforded to consumer via Kubota packages. For those that need additional payment options, German Bliss is more than capable of providing any needing consumers with detailed information regarding Kubota’s financing options. kubota tractors

Also, with German Bliss locations in Springfield, Princeville and Peoria, there is a great deal of convenience afforded to consumers looking to invest in a Kubota tractor. With the stellar reputation of both Kubota and German Bliss, there is no better option for purchasing a tractor than taking advantage of a Kubota tractor package. Learn more at GermanBliss.com.

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Retro Two Now Offers Custom Cycling Jerseys & Apparel

Retro Two Image Apparel, a company popularized by its creative display of unique and novel cycling jerseys, is now taking its graphic design talents to the next level in offering custom cycling jerseys and apparel. While the company has been providing custom cycling jerseys and kits for specific customers, Retro Two is opening the door to anyone interested in custom apparel for their cycling club, team, business, or event.retro-two custom cycling jerseys

Unlike some providers of custom cycling jersey design, Retro Two makes it extra easy for customers to submit their custom jersey requests online. Learn more about the process or submit your custom cycling jersey online at Retro2Ride.com.

Submitting Custom Cycling Jerseys

Below is a brief summary of the process and requests by Retro Two in submitting custom cycling jerseys.

Your artwork design may be in the form of a computer mock-up, drawing or even a design picture you like. To get custom design cycling jerseys and apparels, you will have to order at least 25 units. The designer requires you to submit your art guidelines. You should preferably create your files in Adobe Illustrator and remember to convert all the fonts into outlines/paths and embed all the linked images.

Retro Two prefers the files formatted in Adobe Illustrator CC or even lower and Adobe InDesign Cc. However, you may use any other program which make vector art for your jersey submission provided that you will remember to format it in the correct manner. They also accept PDF, AI, and EPS format vector art. If vector art isn’t available, they may also accept raster art – this should be the high resolution CMYK images with 300dpi or even higher. The 300dpi is the minimal AI size needed.

custom cycling jersey design

This custom cycling jersey was created by Retro Two for Schlafly, The Saint Louis Brewery™

Upon receipt, the designer will review the files to ensure they are of high quality. Some examples of raster images that they accept include psd (Photoshop), gif, tiff, jpeg and png files. Retro Two also prefers the art saved over transparent backgrounds. Some examples of the files you can save on transparent background include psd, png and tiff.

You should also ensure that all the solid lines in your artwork aren’t thinner than 1/2 point or 0.007” and that will ensure that any white line you have reversed out of solid color isn’t thicker than a 1/2 point whenever possible. The type should be above 6 points in size. Since font styles highly vary, you should note that there are some fonts with very narrow negative spaces or strokes and this may require them to be above 6 points.custom cycling jerseys online

After receiving your order, the designers will create the apparel and jerseys according to your specifications. They will create them according to your design and color preferences and also include any logos and texts you need. All these will not involve any additional cost. To come up with a perfect custom design, you can involve your entire team in the design process.

Custom Cycling Jersey Design Services

Retro Two has been making custom cycling jerseys, commuter jersey and performance tees using superior wicking materials. Whether you want to upgrade the cycling jerseys of your team with new custom design or you are in need of custom cycling apparel for an event or even cause, Retro Two will provide you with exactly what you need. They offer various custom cycling jerseys and they include short sleeve and full sleeve jerseys, as well as performance tees and commuter jerseys.

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3 Leading Suppliers of Drive-Through Payload Scanner Systems

Various industries and applications that handle bulk materials such as the construction companies, mining operations, earthworks sites, dredging operations, farms and agricultural product storage facilities require precise measurement of the volumes and weight of the materials being handled and transported. Usually the materials in such applications are transported by trucks and are taken to a truck scale or similar bulk weighing system.

However, many of these companies are realizing greater efficiency and throughput with payload scanner systems. In-motion volumetric load scanner systems can easily and cost-effectively measure volumes of the trucks’ payloads with precision and speed. These volume measurements can then be converted into corresponding weight measurements by applying suitable density information for the payloads.payload scanner

These non-contact volumetric payload scanners are usually installed at entry or exit point of sites and use lasers to scan the truck beds before and after loading and calculate the volume of the payload being carried. Such payload scanner systems offer a cost-effective, quicker and more accurate alternative to conventional weighing scales in many industries such as agricultural material handling operations and mines.

Here is a brief look at the three leading suppliers of drive-through volumetric payload scanner systems.

Walz Scale walz scale

Walz Scale offers drive-through payload scanner systems for a wide range of material handling applications. The company’s load scanning systems are ready to install and pre-configured/tested before shipping. This allows the clients to reduce costs by carrying out installation on their own. Walz Scale offers a wide range of installation options including permanent installation, installation on a portable precast concrete block, wall-mount installations and trailer mounted systems.volume load scanner

The in-motion volumetric load scanner systems offered by Walz Scale also support RFID based automated vehicle identification that enables completely unattended vehicle scanning operations. Walz Scale also offers unattended touchscreen driver kiosks, software for management of load scanning systems and optional cloud data access for remote real-time management of payload scanning operations.

LoadScan load scan

LoadScan offers volumetric load scanner solutions in a number of portability and installation options. The company’s drive-through payload scanners are suitable for a wide variety of industries and applications including mining, construction, bulk and mulch operations etc. LoadScan offers its load volume scanner product in four configurations – LoadScan Mobile, Load Scan Portable, LoadScan Fixed and Load Scan Custom.

LoadScan Mobile is a mobile, self-contained payload scanning system that can be driven to a site and be ready for operation within 45 minutes. LoadScan Portable is a volumetric load scanning solution that can be easily moved to a new location if required. It is mounted on a precast block of concrete with lifting points and fork-slots that allow easy transportation of the entire unit. LoadScan Fixed is a fixed load scanning solution that is suitable for permanent installation. LoadScan Custom is a drive-through payload scanning solution that is suitable for custom mounting applications such as on the side of buildings, tunnels or mining portals etc.

LoadScan also offers load management software, in-cab tracking consoles and cloud-based remote scanner access services.

Ag Weigh ag weigh

Ag Weigh offers a wide range of weighing and load scanning solutions primarily for agricultural applications. This includes farm truck weighing scales, agricultural weighing solutions, in-motion yield load scanning systems and yield/harvest management software. Weighing solutions offered by Ag Weigh include farm truck scales, portable truck scales, onboard scales and floor scales.

Ag Weigh offers in-motion payload scanner systems that can scan trucks loaded with grains or other agricultural products and provide precise bushel measurements. Ag Weigh also offers remote data access for its load scanner systems. The volumetric yield scanner systems as well as scales offered by Ag Weigh can be fully integrated with the company’s Yield Pro harvest and yield management software for effective management and tracking.

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Independent Production “Beyond Glory” Sees Film Festival Exposure

Starting in 2008, independent film production company 8180 Films, has created four feature films that have all gone on to win major awards. From 8180 Films’ post WWII drama Christina to its neo-noir suspense thriller The Girl on the Train, the independent film production company has continued its trend in producing compelling, award-winning films with its latest performance documentary, Beyond Glory starring Stephen Lang. Quickly emerging in the film festival community, Beyond Glory is seeing the screens in many premier festivals this year.

independently produced film beyond glory stephen lang


Beyond Glory the Filmfilm beyond glory

Based on journalist Larry Smith’s best selling war novel, Beyond Glory, is a creative synthesis of theatre and cinema. In crafting some very original in the film version of Beyond Glory, filmmaker Larry Brand joins actor Stephen Lang on a journey through the personal accounts and conflicts of WWII, Korea, and Vietnam.

Playing a multi-character role with virtuosity, Stephen Lang embodies eight warriors of these historic battles through their courageous stories. Each a Medal of Honor recipient, Lang tells each remarkable story with great emotion, accuracy, and fortitude. Investing equal skill in crafting the film Beyond Glory, director Larry Brand exercises a wide cinematic arsenal of talent to illuminate each story. The outcome is an edge-of-your-seat marriage of two art forms – cinema and theatre.

About Stephen Lang

beyond glory stephen langIn Beyond Glory the film, Stephen Lang reunites with director of 8180 Films, Larry Brand to capture his memorable portrayal of eight Medal of Honor soldiers whose stories are brought to life in Lang’s popular play of Beyond Glory.

For many years, Stephen Lang has been recognized as one of the world’s most respected actors. Featuring in Broadway performances and IMAX screens alike, Lang has created roles that have defined the success of many films, including Avatar’s Col. Quaritch and Death of a Salesman’s Happy.

Independent Film Production Company: 8180 Films

Beyond Glory and the other feature productions from 8180 Films were directed by award-winning writer/director/editor Larry Brand, along with founding partners and award-winning producers Jim Carpenter and Rebecca Reynolds. Since the start of the independent film production company, the goal behind 8180 Films has been a pursuit to produce exceptional-quality, cost-effective indie films.

8180 independent film production company8180 Films’ features have seen the screens at the Oaxaca Film Festival, the Mumbai International Film Festival, and in various film festivals across the U.S., including Traverse City Film Festival, Sedona International Film Festival, New York City’s VisionFest, Chelsea Film Festival, Napa Valley Film Festival, and Newport Beach Film Festival. The films produced by 8180 Films have won awards in every major category, including Best Screenplay, Best Documentary, Best Drama, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Actress.

For each feature, the independent film production company has been able to recruit well-known and highly-acclaimed talented actors and comedians, such as Gary Sinise, Henry Ian Cusick, Stephen Lang, Moshe Kasher, John Fugelsang, Jordan Belfi, David Marguiles, and Nicki Aycox.

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